Five top spots in Toronto for a sexy night out—from pole-dancing to peepshows

Five top spots in Toronto for a sexy night out—from pole-dancing to peepshows

If you know where to look, Toronto is a very naughty town. Here, the city’s best places for a sexy night out

Fun and Games
Flirty Girl Fitness

POLE-DANCING LESSONS Flirty Girl Fitness 462 Wellington St. W., 416-920-1400

At Flirty Girl, a team of preter­naturally limber instructors—including former gymnasts and circus acrobats—train neophytes on how to work the pole. A one-hour introductory class ($25) teaches a come-hither choreo­graphy routine to a Top 40 hit (expect Beyoncé or Rihanna), featuring at least one pole trick, like a traditional firefighter spin around the pole. Two-hour workshops ($45) are more advanced, offering tutorials in other floor tricks and at least two aerial stunts, such as the sun wheel (launching off the ground and spinning down the pole) or a two-handed spread eagle. Sexiness aside, it’s a terrific workout for the abs and core—so you’ll come away with more than just dollar bills in your G-string.

No Pants, No Problem

UNDERWEAR PARTY No Pants, No Problem For upcoming dates, contact

The semiannual No Pants, No Problem night at the Garrison is carefree, casual and raucously fun. The crowd—an artsy, under-40 mix of men, women and everything in between—not only drop trou at the door (there’s a complimentary pants check), they also drop their pretenses, creating an easy meet-and-mingle vibe. Make-out games—spin the bottle, seven minutes in heaven—help set the social mood, as do the $3 mixed drinks, boppy music (Mariah, Madonna, Britney—spun by local DJs such as Mamma Knows) and wild stage shows (at a recent party, artist Morgan Page, plastic guns blazing, acted out an angry but entertaining divorce revenge fantasy). Free condoms and lube help extend the fun long after last call. $5 before 11 p.m., $10 after, $15 for those who don’t want to show off their stuff.

Five top spots in Toronto for a sexy night out—from pole-dancing to peepshows
(Image: Zach Garand)

BURLESQUE The Underground Peepshow Projection Booth Metro, 677 Bloor St. W.,647-907-0171

This semi-regular burlesque revue blends humour and horndoggery, with a twist—each of the two-hour revues is inspired by a geeky obsession, like Batman, Nintendo or Marvel comics. During a typical show, the 16 or so dancers (mostly women, a couple of guys, all cute) take turns embodying a relevant character, with custom-made costumes, cheeky theme songs and clever choreography. At one Simpsons-themed night, for example, performer Meryle Trouble played a sultry Mrs. Krabappel, ensconced in nothing but balloons, popping them one by one as “Fever” played in the background. It was everything the crowd of 650 Gen Y nerds came looking for: irony, in-jokes and titillation. March 8. $20 in advance, $25 at the door.

The Drake Hotel

DIRTY WEEKEND The Drake Hotel 1150 Queen St. W., 416-531-5042

The Drake’s 19 guest rooms, upstairs from the hipster trivia contests and schmoozy lounge-goers, cater to couples in need of a dirty weekend. Guests can order à la carte from an erotic room service menu of condoms and lube, pleasure feathers, silk blindfolds, bondage tape and suede whips. Sex toy options include the Rabbit Pearl (a girly vibrator with a clitoral stimulator) and, for the high rollers, a 24-karat-gold-plated dildo. (You’ll be happy to know that all items are purchased for keeps.) If your loins still need burning, the hotel offers a selection of pornographic movies, ranked on its Raunchometer from one (candle­light, bubble baths, Kenny G) to 10 (deeds so dirty we can’t print them in this magazine). Next time someone tells you to get a room, you’ll know where to go. Pleasure menu items $8–$600. Rooms from $189.

Five top spots in Toronto for a sexy night out—from pole-dancing to peepshows

175 Harbord St., 416-588-0900

Onstage, dancer Lorraine Hewitt (a.k.a. CoCo LaCrème) is an incomparable seductress—like Josephine Baker, but more buxom. Since starting her popular series of burlesque seminars at Good for Her in 2004, the veteran performer has imparted her craft to hundreds of ladies—mostly amateurs who want to put on steamy bedroom shows for their partners. To a soundtrack of sultry jazz and Hewitt’s own self-empowerment mantras, the class covers burlesque history, boa handling and fumble-free bra removal. But the pinnacle of the two-and-a-half-hour session is the tassel twirl—a bosom-bouncing spectacle that would mesmerize even the most been-there lover. $33.

(Images: Underground Peepshow, Zach Garand; Good for Her, Facebook)


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