The most popular Houses of the Week of 2015

The most popular Houses of the Week of 2015

Every week, we take you inside a house listed for sale somewhere in Toronto. This year, the most popular ones tended to have classic exteriors and pristine interior design. (Modern grey boxes, as eye-catching as they are, didn’t, on average, get quite as many hits.) Here, as we get ready for another year of real estate features, are the ten houses that attracted the most readers in 2015, in descending order of popularity.


1) 37 Hilton Avenue, Casa Loma

It’s easy to see what readers liked about this place. It’s a classic Toronto home with a surprisingly stylish interior, perfectly accented with eye-popping designer wall coverings.


2) 54 High Park Boulevard, High Park

This place had only been owned by four different families over the course of a century. The relatively infrequent turnover left the interior unusually well preserved. There’s even a “sherry” button near the mantlepiece that owners once pushed whenever they wanted to summon their servants.


3) 37 North Drive, Humber Valley

One of the most unusual houses we featured all year, this place went on the market with an interior that hadn’t been overhauled since the early nineties. You’ve never seen this much taupe before.


4) 228 Palmerston Avenue, Little Italy

This semi’s rooftop retreat is like an oasis in one of the busiest parts of downtown. The sleek, white kitchen isn’t half bad, either.


5) 300 Glenayr Road, Forest Hill South

This unassuming Tudor has a secret hatch that leads to an attic hangout room, which is just about the greatest feature we can imagine in a home.


6) 65 Highland Avenue, Rosedale

This house impressed readers with its huge wine cellar—a brick-lined room with space for about 1,400 bottles.


7) 114 Hazelton Avenue, Yorkville

So this is what it’s like to live in one of those houses in Yorkville. This place has a 960-square-foot master bedroom with a marble-lined shower big enough for two.


8) 182 Beech Avenue, the Beach

It’s rare that a home’s best feature is its backyard, but here that’s absolutely the case. The owners based their landscaping choices on things they saw during a trip to Indonesia.


9) 20 Neville Park Boulevard, the Beach

This house is just unfair. Not only is it just a short walk from the beach, it also has a sweet pool in the backyard.


10) 392 Markham Street, Little Italy

Owning a swanky downtown Victorian is the Torontonian dream. The person who bought this place, just north of Kensington Market, is living it.