The most popular Condos of the Week of 2015

The most popular Condos of the Week of 2015

Every week, we take you inside a condo listed for sale somewhere in Toronto. There’s a clear pattern of reader preference: the most popular condos tend to be luxurious—and it doesn’t hurt if they have some antique bricks and beams, too. Here, as we get ready for another year of real estate features, are the ten condos that attracted the most readers in 2015, in descending order of popularity.


1) 118 Yorkville Avenue, Yorkville

Our most popular condo of the year was this 7,600-square-foot suite that occupies the entire top floor of the Hazelton Hotel. It’s a unit so luxurious that its private parking spaces come with valet service.


2) 628 Fleet Street, Harbourfront

This lakeshore condo has a lot going for it: three bedrooms, clever interior design and a gold bathroom.


3) 25 Oxley Street, King West

A Toronto Raptor used to live in this townhouse, which includes a rare (and, in downtown, very valuable) private garage.


4) 38 Avenue Road, Yorkville

This unit happens to be located in one of Yorkville’s most distinctive buildings, right across the street from Hazelton Lanes. Readers may have been impressed by the swanky kitchen and dining area, recently updated with high-end appliances.


5) 850 Richmond Street West, Niagara

This $1.5-million townhouse has the perfect location: just far enough away from Trinity Bellwoods Park that the owner can shut out all the hipstery hubbub, but close enough that walking the dog is no problem.


6) 111 St. Clair Avenue West, Yonge-St. Clair

It doesn’t look old, but this condo has a historical pedigree: it’s in a 1950s building that used to be Imperial Oil’s headquarters.


7) 363 Sorauren Avenue, Parkdale

This brick-lined hard loft is in a building that was originally a candy factory.


8) 394 Euclid Avenue, Little Italy

At any price point, it’s hard to find a condo with 20-foot ceilings. This place, just off Little Italy’s main drag, was listed for under $800,000.


9) 81A Front Street East, St. Lawrence

The biggest unit in an 1857 building near St. Lawrence Market, this place is the ultimate conversion loft. Readers loved its odd angles and exposed wood beams.


10) 201 Carlaw Avenue, Leslieville

This loft, carved out of a 1913 printing facility, has incredible skylights and a large rooftop terrace.