Natasha the Residences—A condominium filled with unique dynamic amenities

Natasha the Residences—A condominium filled with unique dynamic amenities

Live where you play at Adelaide & John

Grounded in history, the new Natasha the Residences tower sits atop a stately heritage structure. Folded metal panels accessorize the façade, creating slender bands reminiscent of a vintage Rolex watchband that invites a dynamic play between shadow and light.

When Lanterra Developments chairman Mark Mandelbaum asked PR maven and NKPR founder Natasha Koifman for a meeting, she never would have guessed what he was going to say. “He told me they would like to name their next high-rise building after me,” Koifman recalls. And, the building’s design will be directly inspired by Koifman’s style sensibility and her love of fashion and design. “This is the first female-named high rise in Toronto, so it’s a groundbreaking moment in history,” she says. “It’s incredibly humbling to have a monumental building, in the heart of Toronto’s Cultural District, representative of two decades of building my business and career in the same neighbourhood.” (Koifman’s office is a mere two blocks away.)

The 47-storey Natasha the Residences collaboration features forward-thinking and luxury amenities including a sky lobby with 24/7 concierge. It will be a notable tribute to Koifman’s career as one of the city’s most well-known PR pros—but it will also be an incredible boon to urbanites looking for truly upscale elevated living in the heart of the city at Adelaide and John.

Residents can enjoy the enticing outdoor gardens and lounges.

Those who favour haute minimalism can rejoice in the shades pulled from Koifman’s famously curated colour palette. “The interiors and amenities are extraordinary, designed by Alessandro Munge of Studio Munge, to match my modern monochromatic, mostly black, style. The entire palette for the building is so chic! And buyers will be able to fully customize the finishes to their own liking,” Koifman says. “The indoor-outdoor social spaces were fashioned after those at my home and my furniture, fixtures and aesthetics were all taken into consideration.” Even the logo for the building is Koifman’s actual signature.

Like in Koifman’s life, striking the perfect work-life balance is key at Natasha the Residences. “From the ground up, the building is completely designed around the concept of live-work-play integration,” she says. “You can go from your suite to a gym session to the content creation room to an outdoor meeting in a garden—and not leave the building. But when you do leave, you have the best of Toronto’s downtown at your footsteps.”

She points out the “fantastic indoor-outdoor working spaces that were designed to inspire creativity.” And, the digital-content creation room comes complete with green screen and recording equipment for creating social media videos, recording a podcast or developing a YouTube series. 

Give your furry friend a relaxing scrub in the pet spa.

Even chores are made more fun, thanks to the old-school laundrette/social lounge. “I’ve always loved those laundromat scenes in movies—the place where couples might meet,” Koifman says. “Even though every suite comes with its own washer and dryer, residents can bring their laundry into a social setting and listen to music, have a refreshment and maybe meet their future partner!” And don’t forget about Fido or Kitty with the pet promenade and luxury pet spa.

Hit the state-of-the-art gym for a private virtual training session or hop on the cutting-edge spin bikes for a sweatfest. Murals with motivational messages from artist Peter Tunney—another Koifman fave—are scattered throughout the building to keep the positivity and creativity flowing. On the same floor, head over to the yoga studio for core training and deep stretching. Then, let your muscles relax in the connected infrared sauna, which provides a calming yin in a beautiful and zen-like atmosphere.  

Relax in the peaceful ambiance of the infrared sauna and yoga studio.

Build up an appetite for dinner cooked al fresco at the communal pizza oven or Korean BBQ tables, bringing to life Koifman’s love for all things cooked over open flame. “It’s all special with the right company, and cooking is the conduit that brings people together,” she says.

Another cool gathering spot? The concert piano room. “The piano creates a magical ambience, and it also plays by itself if you just want to set your favourite playlist and entertain,” she says. “Our piano brings us so much joy—I wanted to share that experience at Natasha the Residences.”

Show off your piano-playing skills or use the auto-play to enjoy the concert room.

As an added bonus, buyers may even get neighbourly with their building’s namesake. “We plan to keep a residence at Natasha the Residences and enjoy the benefits of an iconic building in the city that has meant so much in my life and career,” says Koifman. “We chose the Gratitude suite. Quite apropos!”

Want to snag a suite of your own? Register today at Units start in the $600s.