Condo swimming spots: The restaurant-adjacent infinity pool high above King Street

Condo swimming spots: The restaurant-adjacent infinity pool high above King Street

The competition among condo towers for coolest rooftop pool has never been hotter. Meet the contenders

Few rooftop pools offer a better vantage point than the one crowning the Bisha Hotel and Residences in the Entertainment District.

Bisha, a Lifetime Developments hotel and condo tower that was completed in 2017, looms 44 storeys tall over King West. The aquatic aerie shares the high rise’s top level with Kōst, a Baja-inspired restaurant that’s part of Charles Khabouth’s Iconink group. On a clear day, visitors can see all the way to Hamilton over the pool’s infinity edge. The 9,375-square-foot wraparound terrace is open to the public, so anyone can enjoy a meal there while taking in views of Lake Ontario and beyond. But the pool itself is open only to residents and hotel guests.

Swimmers need a pool pass from the concierge in the lobby, even if they live in the building. Once they arrive at the restaurant, an attendant leads the way onto the terrace. The pool has a capacity of just 32 people, and there’s a lounge chair for each person. The seats on the west side are reserved for residents; the ones on the east cater to hotel guests.

Because Kōst serves the pool area, the usual “no food or drink” rules don’t apply. There’s even a special menu of smaller bites, like a $25 shrimp cocktail, for people basking on the deck. Cooler weather isn’t a problem, either: the water is heated.

Robert Kleinman, a lawyer who serves on Bisha’s condo board, bought a unit in the building the same year it was finished. The location in the Entertainment District was the main draw—but despite the wealth of hangouts in the area, he now finds himself spending weekends by the pool. “It almost feels similar to a resort in South Beach,” he says. One drawback? There’s no diving, both because the pool is four feet deep, and because a bellyflop would probably splash diners.

Here’s the seating area that’s reserved for Bisha residents:


The outdoor dining area seats up to 96:


When the dinner rush begins at 6 p.m., the pool is closed to swimmers for the night. It becomes an illuminated water feature, with the Bisha logo prominently featured:


The poolside furniture was imported from Italy:


A better look at the view: