The Brand Factory captures 10 BILD Awards

The Brand Factory captures 10 BILD Awards

More accolades for Canada’s premier lifestyle agency for branding and marketing mixed-use developments.

“A rich life is measured not by personal possessions, but by memories collected over time,” says Joseph Sulpizi, President and Chief Creative Officer of Toronto-based agency The Brand Factory.

“People want to optimize their time to the fullest,” he continues. “They still want places to welcome and care for them, but now they desire a lifestyle experience, as well. The mark of every great mixed-use development is that it fosters a distinct kind of lifestyle, one that is authentically suited to its surroundings and its intended customer base.”

Headquartered in Toronto, The Brand Factory is Canada’s premier agency for branding and marketing mixed-use developments, specializing in resort-style communities. They are comprised of an innovative, passionate group of poets, painters, playwrights, musicians, sculptors and filmographers, skilled at crafting distinct brand positioning and lifestyle experiences with award-winning creative that consistently moves people.

The Brand Factory is not like other agencies. They are acutely aware that the customer must always feel something when they engage with creative, and this is what drives their work. Their mission is to invent desire by creating a strong emotional connection between the brands they represent and their consumers.

“We understand your audience because we are your audience,” says Sulpizi.

And this is what sets them apart.

It also helps that The Brand Factory is a completely full-service advertising and digital agency. “We combine the strategic approach of a consultancy with a world-class creative agency, while offering end-to-end digital capabilities all under one roof,” Sulpizi explains.

Thus far, this model has proven wildly successful.

In April this year, the company received 10 prestigious BILD Awards, including Project of the Year, and the coveted People’s Choice Award from the Building Industry and Land Development Association – truly the mark of an agency that understands its audience.

The previous year, the agency picked up 12 BILD awards, and just last week, they nabbed a Gold Lion at the CHBA (Canadian Home Builders’ Association) Awards.

In January of this year, The Brand Factory swept up three NAHB Gold Awards, and 10 NAHB Silver Awards.

“We’re extremely grateful to BILD, the CHBA, NAHB, our clients, and of course, our talented group of creatives,” says Sulpizi “It’s truly an honour.”

The Brand Factory’s client list includes some of Canada’s largest brands in the real estate sector (think FREED, Menkes, Tridel) but they specialize in more than just real estate. Their work includes retail marketing and branding as well, in addition to large-scale mixed-use projects providing a distinct lifestyle for consumers.

And they have their keen ability to understand a variety of audiences to thank for that.

“Now more than ever, people crave authentic experiences over material acquisitions,” Sulpizi explains, reflecting an innate ability to cut through the chaos and pinpoint exactly what motivates people.

“Environments where people live, work and play, environments that understand the human need for interaction, the desire to optimize time and depth of experience – that’s the formula for a truly rich life. It’s what we all strive for every day.”

And it’s a formula that The Brand Factory has gotten just right, consistently garnering awards for their breakthrough creative, and steadily adding to an ever-expanding trophy collection.

This latest haul from BILD and the CHBA will undoubtedly serve to motivate them even further.

The BILD Awards are presented each year by the Building Industry and Land Development Association, recognizing excellence and innovation in design, construction, sales and marketing of new homes in the Greater Toronto Area.

The Brand Factory’s award-winning approach has always been to disrupt the norm and find new ground for their clients’ brands. More information can be found at