A tour of the destruction after Friday’s massive windstorm

A tour of the destruction after Friday’s massive windstorm

The windstorm that tore through Southern and Central Ontario and Quebec on Friday, with gusts up to 120 kilometres per hour, left a trail of destruction, including a shutdown at Pearson, hundreds of thousands of homes without power and plenty of property damage. Here, a survey of some of the chaos.

This Oakville home doesn’t look great:

Speaking of Oakville homes, check out these poor roofs:

At least this downed power line didn’t fall on anyone’s house:

This isn’t a poltergeist situation. A 39th-floor unit in a condo building swayed with the wind:

Apparently sidewalk trees don’t have robust root systems:

This house was spared from a falling tree, but a car parked in the driveway was not so lucky:

Yet another downed tree, which at least fell away from the neighbouring apartment building:

And more felled trees. This one looks like it decimated one room in the house on the right:

Oy. Remnants of #torontowindstorm

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This enormous tree fell on a Forest Hill house. At least the Porsche still looks pristine:

Just one of last night's casualties! #torontowindstorm

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Here’s another, this time in a park with no property nearby to damage:

Some big trees came down in the local park yesterday! #TorontoWindStorm

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It looks as though Bloorcourt’s stores got it particularly bad. A sign from Bloorcourt Stationary fell onto the sidewalk below:

The Value Village sign couldn’t stand up to the winds either:

Here’s a sign in Etobicoke, and an unlucky car parked underneath:

The wind sent this crane spinning around in circles:

Traffic lights were also victims:

A fallen portable toilet is kind of the perfect metaphor for this windstorm: