Toronto Life’s official royal wedding drinking game

Toronto Life’s official royal wedding drinking game

Image from Kensington Palace/Instagram

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Two years ago, Meghan Markle was an actress on a hit TV series, living in The Annex and looking for love. Now, she’s one half of the greatest Toronto-centric love story ever told. So break out your favourite teacup, champagne flute or flask, and celebrate the big day by getting your drink on. (Her Majesty has a nip of gin every day before noon, so nobody’s judging.)

Take a drink…

1. If you’re up before 5 a.m. (Unless you never even went to bed, in which case—maybe take a break.)

2. If you spot protesters outside the gates of Windsor Castle (sip twice if any of them are disgruntled members of the Markle family).

3. Any time the day’s proceedings feature a flick at the bride’s feminism: the bride ditches “obey” in her wedding vows, etc.

4. If Markle’s wearing Canadian—the dress or any other item in her wedding day wardrobe (shoes, accessories, tiny purse, maple leaf fascinator).

5. If you spot a female VIP going hat free. (At William and Kate’s wedding the then-Prime Minister’s wife Samantha Cameron caused a scandal by baring her head in public).

6. If you spot the Queen giving any hatless women the royal stink-eye or if any royal breaks ye olde stiff upper lip rule by shedding a tear or two.

7. If a member of the wedding party misbehaves (take two sips if Kate’s on site to scold them).

8. Every time you spot a member of the Suits cast, the Spice Girls or the Mulroney family (take two for the twins!).

9. If Jessica Mulroney “pulls a Pippa” and takes the spotlight away from the bride on her big day.

10. Every time a commentator mentions Meghan’s “humble beginnings,” Harry’s “party boy past” or Princess Diana’s spirit/legacy/tiaras.

11. If anyone else from Toronto shows up (yes, Elton and David count)

12. Every time you hear the word TORONTO!!! (The Prince may have won her heart, but we had her first!)