What we know (and what we don’t) about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement

What we know (and what we don’t) about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement

Image from Kensington Palace/Instagram

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement yesterday. To the surprise of absolutely no one, speculation about the pair’s future is already running rampant. As a public service, we’ve fact-checked some of our favourite royal rumours: the true, the false and the nauseatingly adorable.

The rumour: The Queen disapproves and will boycott the wedding

The reality: Royal history buffs (and fans of The Crown) know that this is not QE2’s first kick at the crumpet when it comes to divorce. In 1953, she famously forbade her sister Margaret’s marriage to Captain Peter Townsend, because he had been married previously. But that was then, and this is, well, more than 60 years later. In 2002, the Church of England announced an updated policy on divorce and remarriage, suggesting that Her Majesty has come around on certain issues. An even better sign: the fact that the wedding is happening at all. Harry (and anyone else within six people of the throne) still requires Granny’s permission to get hitched.

The rumour: Harry will lose his place in the royal line, because Meghan is divorced

The reality: It’s true that Harry’s place in the royal pecking order is due to drop by one come springtime—but that’s only because William and Kate are expecting their third baby, who will automatically outrank Harry simply by being born. There’s no reason to believe the marriage will affect Harry’s claim to the throne.

The rumour: Markle is giving up acting

The reality: In a joint BBC interview with Harry yesterday, Markle responded to a question about her career. She said that after seven years on Suits she’s “ready for a new chapter.” It’s not clear whether this counts as a retirement announcement, and that’s probably not an accident. It’s possible Markle doesn’t want to close the door on her career entirely. (It’s also possible that she doesn’t want to admit to setting aside her career for marriage.) Whatever the case, her new role as everybody’s favourite royal will definitely require some serious acting chops and showbiz savvy.

The rumour: For Harry, it was love at first sight

The reality: Yeppers. Asked during yesterday’s press conference when he knew Markle was the one, the Prince responded: “the first time we met.”

The rumour: The wedding will be a national holiday in the UK

The reality: The wedding of William and Kate was a national holiday. Royal subjects had permission to stay home and drink their body weight in bubbly. It’s no wonder that people are hoping for the same with Meghan and Harry’s big day. But could it happen? At this point, the Palace says there are “no plans” to declare a day off. Party poopers.

The rumour: The wedding is being rushed because Markle is pregnant

The reality: A woman can’t wear a loose-fitting dress these days without sparking chatter about a bun in the oven.

The rumour: The bride will wear Canadian

The reality: Markle has been a huge supporter of Canadian fashion, most recently wearing a (now sold-out) coat by Toronto’s Line Label for her official engagement portrait. Does that mean a Canadian designer will dress her on her big day? It’s certainly possible. The bookies are currently favouring Roland Mouret and Alexander McQueen (who did Kate’s dress), but Canadian designers Mikhael Kale and Greta Constantine both have decent odds.