This App Makes Networking in Toronto Easier Than Ever

This App Makes Networking in Toronto Easier Than Ever

If you’ve attended a professional event in the past year, you know how awkward and time-consuming networking can be. In a room filled with people, it’s difficult to know who to approach or how to build a meaningful connection over small talk and boxed wine. However, one app can now transform the way you build your professional networks.

Shapr is the easiest way to build your professional network and allows you to network in minutes.

The free networking app has already grown to over 400,000 users in Canada, on top of the two million users already networking across the U.S., U.K. and France. The app’s popularity is due to its effectiveness in connecting you with likeminded businesspeople, based on your specific professional interests, job title and location. That’s not the only reason the app is catching on.

Each day, Shapr customizes a list of 10 to 15 relevant professionals in your area and delivers the top suggestions directly to your phone. Simply swipe through your daily batch and click “meet” or swipe right when a profile catches your eye.

If the interest is mutual, you will be notified of a match and will be able to message your potential collaborator, partner or investor to set up a time for coffee. Shapr makes it easy for networking to become part of your everyday routine, so that you are continually meeting inspiring people in your industry.

On Shapr, you can personalize your profile to include details on your career goals, such as exploring a career change, launching a new company or just finding inspiration through interesting conversations with others in your city. Your goal can be specific, such as making your next career move, or more broad, such as finding others in your field to bounce around ideas.

Swiping through Shapr will give you a healthy dose of exciting possibility and the chance to cross paths with potential innovators and mentors. But don’t just trust us, check out the app for yourself. After all, it’s free!

Ready to make great connections? You can download Shapr for free HERE for iOS or Android.