When Justin Trudeau took Ivanka Trump to a Broadway show, the internet decided it was a date

Last night, Justin Trudeau escorted Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, to Come From Away, a Broadway musical (by way of Toronto) about a group of Newfoundlanders who are forced to care for thousands of stranded airline passengers when their flights are unexpectedly grounded at Gander International Airport on 9/11. The PM’s decision to bring Ivanka along was, no doubt, at least partly about diplomacy. One-on-one time with the president’s favourite offspring is valuable: it’s a way of building a friendly relationship with the upper echelons of the U.S. government, without any of the awkwardness of a meeting with the man himself. Plus, it couldn’t possibly hurt to expose a member of the Trump family to an uplifting story about making outsiders feel welcome, given the president’s demonstrated difficulty with that whole concept.

Ivanka famously cast some sultry glances at Trudeau during his trip to Washington in February, and now the idea that she secretly lusts for him has gained meme status. She’s married, and there’s no reason to believe anything is actually going on between her and the PM. Even so, when pictures of the two together at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre started to circulate online, a lot of Twitter users just couldn’t help but allow their imaginations to run wild.

Justin Trudeau’s official tweet about the show notably contains no mention of Ivanka whatsoever:

How right you are:

A contingent of Twitter people have decided that Ivanka’s outing with the PM amounts to a betrayal of her husband, senior Trump advisor Jared Kushner:

2017: the year internet dirtbags all decided to start using a Middle English insult as if it were a cool new putdown.

Probably not:

Some people evidently think Trudeau and Ivanka make a cute couple:


Others are a little disturbed by the implications of the pair’s apparent friendliness:

And others just want it all to stop:


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