The craziest costumes we spotted at the Pride parade

The craziest costumes we spotted at the Pride parade

At yesterday’s Pride parade, some costumes made fashion statements, some made political statements and some were, well, made from pool noodles. Here, a collection of elaborate outfits you may have missed while staring at Justin Trudeau

Danny DeVille

66, retired
“I just wanted something campy that’s waterproof and doesn’t melt in the sun.”


Hannah Zhharoura

41, hairdresser
“I’m a butterfly, united with all the colours like we all should be.”


Cyril James

71, retired cook
“Every year I design a new costume. I just love to make other people happy.”


Warren Schell and John Ross

71, retired United Church minister; 70, retired government worker
John: “You’ve gotta be more outrageous every year—it’s that simple! [Trans activist] Rachel Lauren Clark had this dress last year and gave it to me. It doesn’t fit, because I’m a bigger girl than she is. My husband is wearing a borrowed hand-me-down dress, but the flamingo is an original.”


Philippe Laurin

25, performer
“My outfit is a symbol of something we can all agree with: that we need more peace, more coming together and more understanding.”


Michel Monette

36, massage therapist
“My friend and I made this dress from police tape in one night. It’s to create a conversation. Black Lives Matter has raised some issues and I think we need to address them.”


Chantal Mukandoli and Matt Lisaj

52, activist; 21, student
“We wanted to remember history—we’re celebrating 30 years with the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation.”


Taros Djerdjeaian

53, baker
“This is my official uniform for Canada 150 to support multiculturalism, and to show that Canada welcomed me. I designed it and gave it to my tailor to have it made.”


Claire Rollans

24, medical student
“I’m wearing a full set of scrubs that I’ve tie-dyed, my stethoscope and a hair crown with my rainbow flag in it.”


Becca Cala

22, student and cosplay company owner
“I’m wearing a rainbow sequin top with cheetah-print suspenders and shorts, and I’ve got water guns in my garters.”


Alvin Pilobello

31, civil engineer
“I love red, and I love suspenders and shorts.”


Raesha Sirois

49, dental hygienist
“This Mas Band costume is called Colours, and this is the day for it.”



40, karate instructor and hair stylist
“I’m wearing a maple leaf and I have my Japanese umbrella because red is my favourite colour.”



35, housekeeper
“I’m a raver unicorn. Today’s a good day for rainbows.”



50, administrator
“I’m here to represent Community One, [an LGBT non-profit]. The blueberry was the first costume up for grabs.”