What TL Insiders can look forward to in June

What TL Insiders can look forward to in June

It’s been an exceptional spring for TL Insider, as we’ve explored the future of our city through the lens of various sectors. Our Future of the Restaurant Industry and Future of Downtown summits raised the curtain on some of Toronto’s biggest names in business, food and finance. This month, we’re gearing up for summer with another great lineup of extraordinary leaders from across the country. Members can look forward to a mix of entertaining and insightful programming that will keep them inspired and in the know as our city blooms in the weeks to come. Here is a closer look at what to expect.

A feast for the eyes with Bayview Village 

Sink your teeth into a new month of exciting TL Insider programming with Design Delish, in partnership with Bayview Village. On June 1, 3, 8 and 10, members will join three culinary industry experts in a four-part series where they’ll cook, style and photograph a variety of wow-worthy meals.

TL Insider June Events

A Fireside Chat on the future of live events 

On June 2, join Jeremy Cammy, vice-president and executive producer at Indigo, Travis Fisher, co-founder of TicketSauce, and St. Joseph Media’s own director of membership services, Chantal Roy, for a timely discussion on the future of live events in the city. As Ontario anticipates its reopening, the panel will cover trends, aspirations and what they hope to see in the months to come.

TL Insider June Events

A TL Masterclass with the president of the Ontario Bar Association

TL Insider is thrilled to welcome Charlene Theodore for an afternoon masterclass on June 8. Theodore will dive into the ways today’s “new normal” has disrupted the status quo and inspired her continuous work in optimizing workplaces and fighting for equality everywhere.

TL Insider June Events

Understanding health and balance with Dr. Traj Nibber

On Wednesday, June 9, Dr. Traj Nibber, founder and CEO of Advanced Orthomolecular Research, will guide members through his approach to building wellness in your life. From choosing the right supplements to developing healthy habits, Dr. Nibber will share the ins and outs of building a strong foundation of self-care in this exclusive Fireside Chat.

TL Insider June Events

The future of rental housing in Toronto

Andrew Joyner, managing director at Tricon Residential, will bring his expertise in the Canadian multi-family rental business to TL Insider on June 10. This virtual Fireside Chat will address the importance of community-oriented and accessible housing in Canada, as well as how Tricon is managing their 31,000-plus homes across Canada and the U.S. using their integrated technology-enabled operating platform.

TL Insider June Events

Love and marriage… and technology?

Tim Johnson joins TL Insider on June 15 for an enlightening chat on the intersection between love and technology—including what you should expect when it comes to love and relationships post-pandemic. He’ll be sharing his insight and experience as co-founder of Couply, an app designed not for singles looking for love, but for couples who’ve already found it.

TL Insider June Events

Catching up on all things real estate with Properly

Anshul Ruparell, CEO of Properly, will join TL Insider for an important conversation on the current state of Toronto’s real estate market. The virtual event will take place on June 16 and focus on trends and predictions from the perspective of Properly’s mission: to make real estate more customer-centric for Canadians.

TL Insider June Events

Making a splash with watercolours!

Members can get creative on June 16 at TL Insider’s virtual watercolour experience curated by AK Events Group. No matter your skill level, this class is an interactive and fun event for an evening at home. Purchase the TL Insider event package for all of the necessary tools to be delivered alongside gourmet coffee and snacks.

TL Insider June Events

Fire up the grill with elle cuisine!

Executive chef of elle cuisine and exclusive caterer of TL Insider, chef Lauren Mozer will be joining members on June 17 for a one-of-a-kind BBQ cooking class. Fans of Mozer’s work will know this is not an event to miss—with a stacked menu including teriyaki-glazed Miami ribs, jumbo prawns, smoked baby back ribs, baked mac and cheese, and more! For members, discounted meal kits and pre-mixed cocktails are available for delivery just in time for the event.

Celebrate Pride with Musical Bingo! 

Leave it to Toronto’s dancing DJ, Phillippe, to turn bingo into one of the most exciting events this Pride month. For a night of games, trivia, dancing and an all-LGBTQ+ lineup of prizes, members can celebrate Pride with this virtual event on June 18. Can you feel the love? $5 from every ticket sold goes directly to Friends of Ruby, a local organization that supports LGBTQ+ youth through arts programs, mental health services, and housing.

TL Insider June Events

A Fireside Chat on Toronto’s economic rebound

On June 23, TL Insider will host an informative Fireside Chat with Muraly Srinarayanathas, executive chairman of 369 Global Inc. Bringing a strong business acumen and unique global perspective, Srinarayanathas will discuss how leaders across the city can prepare for post-pandemic immigration and what it means for the economic boom in Toronto’s future.

TL Insider June Events

Exploring financial resilience in the arts

Toronto-based theatre artist Tawiah Ben M’Carthy will join Rajan Bansi, head of RBC InvestEase ®, and Isabel Ritchie of the Strumbellas on June 24 to discuss the ins and outs of working as an artist in the city. Perspectives from both the culture and financial sectors will make for an informative exploration of all the different ways culture sector workers can build financial wellness and resilience during the pandemic.

A Fireside Chat with Leena Yousefi, founder of YLaw

On June 29, Leena Yousefi, founder of YLaw, the fastest-growing female-led law firm in Western Canada, will join TL Insider for a Leadership Circle Chat in partnership with Canadian Business. The event will cover Yousefi’s career evolution and her everyday work at YLaw—recently featured by the BBC.

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