What’s on the takeout menu of Barbershop Patisserie, Jill Barber’s new puff pastry palace

What’s on the takeout menu of Barbershop Patisserie, Jill Barber’s new puff pastry palace

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Name: Barbershop Patisserie
Contact: 859 College Street, barbershoppatisserie.com, @barbershoppatisserie
Neighbourhood: Dufferin Grove
Previously: Bake Shoppe
Owner: Jill Barber (Blackbird Baking Co., Chase Hospitality Group)
Chefs: Jill Barber and sous chef Emma Bristo-O’Connor (Osteria Rialto, Alimentari, the Healthy Butcher)
COVID-19 safety measures: Hand sanitizer station at entrance; three customers are permitted in the space at a time; contactless payment with touchpad sanitized between use; masks must be worn; six-foot distance markers for lineup
Accessibility: Entrance is two steps up from street level

The food

An assortment of house-made puff pastries; some sweet, some savoury and all so very buttery. There will always be a few menu staples—like the popular sausage roll and lemon bichon—but customers can also expect a seasonal fruit turnover, a changing sausage roll (currently it’s a turkey dinner–inspired treat), a changing vegetable Danish. There will also be a rotating hand pie made with meat from neighbouring Vince Gasparro’s Meat Market (Bristo-O’Connor’s butchery background really comes into play with the pie fillings). While the pastries are available on a first-come, first-served basis, the shop also offers whole cakes for pre-order. The shop is currently open Friday-Sunday, but Barber plans to expand these hours—as well as her pastry lineup—in due time.

The current seasonal danish tops puff pastry with butternut squash in a garlic-ginger and tamarind-spiced sticky glaze, and crumbled goat’s cheese. $4.75.


Hand pie fillings frequently change. This one here is a classic chicken pot pie with green peas. $5.75.


Here we have the popular sausage roll. For it, puff pastry surrounds a core of house-made breakfast sausage mildly spiced with mustard, maple and fennel. $5.75.


The limited-time-only Turkey Dinner Roll features house-made turkey sausage seasoned with plenty of herbs (because stuffing), sautéed apples and a cranberry chutney. The puff pastry itself is topped with dried summer savory from Barber’s mother’s garden. $6.25.


The current lineup. Clockwise from top left: seasonal squash danish, seasonal apple turnover, limited-time turkey dinner sausage roll, lemon bichon, chicken pot hand pie, sausage roll.


Okay, not everything is made with puff pastry here. Barber’s chocolate chip cookies are made with 70-percent single-origin chocolate and dusted with Maldon salt. $3.50 each.
Barber’s chocolate fudge cake features alternating layers of buttermilk chocolate cake and chocolate pudding ganache. Available for pre-order only. $30. Courtesy of Barbershop Patisserie


The lemon meringue cake features a moist vanilla chiffon cake and lemon curd mousse, plus a toasted meringue frosting. Available for pre-order only. $30. Courtesy of Barbershop Patisserie


A selection of goods available in the pantry. Courtesy of Barbershop Patisserie


The drinks

The short beverage menu includes teas from Honest Tea and espresso-based beverages made using Propeller Coffee.

The space

“I had this lofty vision that I was going to paint murals,” Barber says of the simply designed room. “The pattern of the single brushstroke that I ended up doing is because that is the extent of my artistic abilities.” One section of the space houses a pantry shelf stocked with goods, including maple syrup made by Barber and her family.

Courtesy of Barbershop Patisserie