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What’s on the menu at Patria, the second coming of the Spanish hotspot on King West

Including short rib paella and beef cheek–topped bone marrow

By Erin Hershberg| Photography by Joshua Best
What's on the menu at Patria, the second coming of the Spanish hotspot on King West

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Name: Patria Contact: 478 King St. W.,, @patriato
Neighbourhood: King West
Owners: Hanif Harji and Charles Khabouth Chefs: Corporate executive chef Ted Corrado and executive chef Michali Eleftheroglou (Bar Raval, Boehmer, Pink Sky) Accessibility: Fully Accessible

In September 2022, a decade after Patria first opened, a tiny spark in the restaurant’s charcoal grill set off a sensor that alerted the sprinkler system. The good news: there wasn’t a fire worth putting out. The bad news: the overzealous sprinklers caused so much water damage that the restaurant had to shut down indefinitely.

Three men sit on stairs in a restaurant
Left to right: Executive chef Michali Eleftheroglou, chef Andrew Barley and corporate executive chef Ted Corrado

Over a year later, the Spanish hotspot has reopened its doors and—except for the incredible hand-woven wall covering from its previous incarnation, which was thankfully salvaged—the tapas restaurant has been completely gutted and refreshed. Though the place has been transformed, the original vibe remains. “We’ve been a staple on the King Street scene for good reason. We didn’t want to reinvent the wheel just because we were given the opportunity to do so,” says Corrado. “We had a hard look at the menu and the space, and we gave them both a little updating and refining. Everything should feel the same, but slightly elevated.”

The food

Classic Spanish tapas composed through the respectful yet contemporary lens of Australia-born Eleftheroglou. Think bright, textural dishes like tomato- and garlic-rubbed sourdough drizzled with Rincón de la Subbética olive oil and topped with vinegar-cured anchovies and Maldon salt, crispy-bottomed paella topped with thinly sliced short rib, and all kinds of Spanish ham and cheese.

Croquetas de jamon
These crispy croquettes are stuffed with a Béchamel of milk steeped in garlic, rosemary and thyme, plus plenty of onions and jamón. A house-made garlic aioli is served on the side for dunking. $16


Pan con boquerones
For the classic pan con boquerones, toasted pieces of sourdough are brushed with raw garlic, covered with grated tomatoes and topped with vinegar-cured Spanish anchovies. To finish: a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil and some flaky sea salt. $14


A wedge of charred cabbage
This melt-in-your-mouth wedge of cabbage is charred before taking a swim in a braising liquid of apple cider vinegar. It’s finished in a sauce of butter, a bit of that braising liquid, salt and olive oil. $14


Black tiger shrimp
The black tiger shrimp come to the table bubbling on a smoking-hot cast-iron griddle. The crustaceans have a little heat from piri piri chilies and tons of flavour from a lusciously garlicky parsley verde. $22


Sea bream crudo in a tomato-shallot vinaigrette
Here we have a refreshing crudo of sea bream curing in a light tomato-shallot vinaigrette. It’s sprinkled with house-pickled Hungarian peppers, mint, parsley and caper leaves, then drizzled with olive oil. $24


Fire-grilled monkfish
Monkfish is fire-grilled, finished in a warmly spiced jamón serrano vinaigrette, and garnished with smoked-paprika garlic chips and lemon zest. $15


Grilled octopus finished with olive oil and smoked paprika
For his pulpo a la plancha, Eleftheroglou tosses steamed octopus in olive oil, lemon and salt, then sears it on the flat-top. The cephalopod is served atop thinly sliced seared potatoes and finished with olive oil and smoked paprika. $25


Iberico Secreto
Ibérico Secreto is a deliciously fatty piece of meat from an Iberian pig, charred and coated in house-made chili oil. It’s dolloped with Marcona almond romesco and mint salsa verde and garnished with charred scallions. $45


The show-stopping bone marrow dish is charcoal grilled and loaded with braised beef cheek, onion marmalade and chermoula
The show-stopping asado bone marrow is charcoal-grilled and loaded with braised beef cheek, onion marmalade and chermoula.


Bone marrow is loaded with short rib, onion marmalade, chermoula and pickled peppers, and served with slices of grilled sourdough
It’s garnished with pickled peppers, bread crumbs, parsley and onions and served with slices of grilled sourdough. $26


Short rib paella
For the short rib paella, the meat is seasoned with salt and pepper, cooked sous vide for 24 hours, shaved thinly on the deli slicer, fanned and shoved on a skewer. It’s then grilled on the Josper and drizzled with chermoula. Of course, the rice is also given special treatment: flavoured with beef stock, jus, cherry tomatoes, sofrito and toum (a creamy garlic sauce). It’s garnished with onions two ways (pickled, crispy) and chives. $38, small; $74, large


Tres leches cake
For dessert, tres leches, a soaked sponge cake sitting in a pool of aromatic saffron milk syrup. It’s garnished with poached, spiced quince and anointed with a scoop of house-made sweet potato ice cream. $16
The drinks

A lengthy list of mostly Spanish wines is complemented by bar manager Candice Tracy’s quirky yet sensibly Spanish take on classic cocktails—like a negroni made with herbaceous Casa Mariol vermut or a spicy margarita with a smoked-paprika rim. The card’s standout is a Spanish sherry–based cocktail called the Pink Sherry, a balanced sweet-and-sour drink composed of guava juice, Tio Pepe sherry, vodka and Aperol. It’s chilled, strained and topped with house-made limoncello foam. And of course there is sangria.

Bottles of Spanish wine
Just a few of the bottles on the current wine list


A pink cocktail garnished with a purple flower
The Pink Sherry is a strong yet balanced drink of Ketel One vodka, Cointreau, Tio Pepe sherry and Aperol. It’s shaken with fresh guava juice, lemon and simple syrup. The drink is strained, finished with Peychaud’s bitters, topped with a foam of limoncello and egg white, and garnished with an edible flower. $22


A spicy margarita garnished with dried pineapple
The Picante is Tracy’s tropical take on a spicy margarita. She uses a blend of Patrón Silver, Olmeca Reposado, Cointreau and fresh pineapple. For the added spice: a rim of hot smoked paprika and Tajín. $22


A negroni made with Spanish vermut and garnished with orange zest
The Negroni Español swaps out vermouth for Spanish vermut, for a slightly tweaked take on the classic cocktail. It’s served over a giant ice cube and garnished with orange zest. $18


The space

Old-world Spanish influences were left in the past for gently modern elegance in this sprawling two-floor room that permits guests to sit comfortably and in style. Luxurious elements like velvet and marble are grounded by exposed-beam ceilings and unconventional art installations, like a woven-fabric feature wall and a tongue-in-cheek banquette backdrop made of meat cleavers.

A custom-made, fabric-covered light installation hangs over the dining room of a restaurant
The main dining room of Patria, a Spanish restaurant in Toronto
Looking from the main dining room to the bar at Patria, a tapas restaurant in Toronto
A wall in a restaurant is covered in a cross-stitched fabric covering
The bar at Patria, a Spanish restaurant
A painting of a woman in a dress hangs on the wall at a restaurant
Meat cleavers line the wall of a restaurant dining room
A corner booth at a restaurant


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