Why a bottle from Vintages is the perfect pairing for your holiday feast

Why a bottle from Vintages is the perfect pairing for your holiday feast

Even as the twinkly lights are hung and the radio stations cue up the holly-jolly playlists, we’re still wrapping our heads around all the ways the holidays are going to look and feel different in 2020. But we’re all experts at adjusting our expectations at this point in a year unlike any other. So rather than dwelling on any of the drawbacks, it’s better to focus on the things we can still count on this season. Safely in that category: holiday dinners with your nearest and dearest—even if those from outside your household are joining in via laptop screen. There’s nothing ordinary about any of this, clearly, so why not make your holiday dinner extraordinary? This year, elevate it with a bottle of wine from Vintages at the LCBO.

Wine is a foundational element of any festive meal—in-person or virtual—both for setting the mood and for accentuating the flavours on the table. Some stick fastidiously to traditional rules around pairing wine with food—reds for red meat, whites for fish or chicken—while others are more varied in their approach. But perhaps the most important consideration when choosing wine for a holiday feast is to choose something versatile enough to integrate with a multi-course feast. No matter what you’re serving for the holidays, Vintages has a bottle that will suit your tastes.

When you shop Vintages, you’re choosing from a curated selection of exclusive and premium products. Think of Vintages as a boutique within a store: This is where all the top choices—rare exports, top vintages, limited releases and the most sought-after producers—are always found. It’s a premium shopping experience, but there’s also something for every budget: in Vintages, high quality doesn’t mean a high price point. Whether it’s something to pair with glazed ham or roast turkey, cote de boeuf or mushroom risotto, there’s guaranteed to be something special on the shelf in Vintages. And to make things even simpler, you can shop online, or skip the line with same-day pickup at select stores.  But don’t wait until the last minute, because these products have limited availability.

Still need some guidance on how to pick the perfect pairing? The LCBO’s knowledgeable product consultants are here to help. Here are three great Vintages bottles to look for.

Fielding Estates Winery Unoaked Chardonnay

For the conscientious consumer, 2020 has become a year to shop, eat, drink and support all things local. Ontario certainly offers plenty of wineries to choose from, and Niagara’s Fielding Estates Winery, located in the prolific Beamsville Bench, makes a compelling case for their Unoaked Chardonnay. Made with fruit from six different vineyards, it’s a true taste of what the Niagara Peninsula has to offer. It’s fermented in stainless steel to preserve both freshness and vibrancy, and the result is a crisp, acidic wine that pairs terrifically with foods like grilled seafood or roast chicken. It also makes a great aperitif if you’re looking for something to serve before the feasting begins. $15.95. Vintages 164491


Famille Perrin La Gille Gigondas 2018

The perennial favourite from the family behind the iconic Château de Beaucastel, in the Southern Rhône, is full-bodied enough to match up with veal or lamb dishes. But there’s plenty of elegance and flexibility from the Grenache to comport with whatever you’re serving, with plenty of rich black fruit, spice and soft tannins. And if you don’t get around to serving it, for whatever reason—hey, things happen—there’s nothing to worry about: it promises to cellar well for a good four-to-seven years. There’s nothing wrong with sitting on this one until the holidays start to look and feel normal again. $29.95. Vintages 906073


Ken Forrester Old Vine Reserve Chenin Blanc 2019

South Africa is known for its Chenin Blanc. And when it comes to the country’s signature white wine, few winemakers are more established at making it than Ken Forrester. He sources grapes from six different vineyards in the country’s powerhouse Stellenbosch region, plucking them from vines that are nearly 50 years old. These old vines produce a rich, concentrated wine that delivers great flavour—white peach, apricot, citrus—and value year after year. It’s a natural match for dishes like smoked salmon, roast chicken or grilled root vegetables. $17.95. Vintages 231282