Unexpected pairings for an unconventional wine

Unexpected pairings for an unconventional wine

Celebrity chef Claudio Aprile and 1000 Stories winemaker Bob Blue share bold flavour pairings for this stunning wine

You live your life on your own terms—boldly. You write your story one day at a time by doing precisely what you want to do in the way you want it done. And now there’s a new wine you’ll want to drink that is as bold and innovative as you are. Meet 1000 Stories Bourbon Barrel-Aged Cabernet Sauvignon, now available in LCBO Vintages and online at the LCBO for a limited time only. It is the LCBO Vintages Wine of the Month, so once wine lovers in Ontario discover its extraordinary quality and bold flavours, it is expected to sell out quickly.

1000 Stories winemaker Bob Blue

This California Cabernet Sauvignon is crafted by someone who also does things differently. When 1000 Stories winemaker Bob Blue was just starting, wine barrels were hard to come by but used bourbon barrels were a dime a dozen. As a winemaking pioneer, he purchased bourbon barrels to age his wines and the rest, as they say, is history. For the 2018 vintage, Bob crafted wine with classic California Cabernet Sauvignon notes of cherry fruit and blackcurrant and just a touch of tobacco leaf. But the wine’s nuances and complexity come from the time it spent in those charred bourbon barrels—hints of burnt sugar, vanilla, dried herbs and a touch of smokiness swirl together to make it the unique drink that it is.

Master Chef judge, Claudio Aprile.

Bob, alongside Ontario’s celebrity Master Chef judge, Claudio Aprile, teamed up to talk about how to pair this distinctive wine with their favourite recipes. “Lately, I’ve been applying my winemaking philosophy to my cooking,” said Bob. “I have been experimenting with braising pork, using dried mushrooms and wine. I make it either Northern Italian or Southern German style by changing the starch from egg pasta to spätzle.”

The next time Bob opens a bottle of 1000 Stories Cabernet Sauvignon, he says he plans to try yet another cooking style. “I think my braised pork recipe would work just as well with Asian flavours. I want to experiment using dried mushrooms and soy. When I serve it together with the 1000 Stories Cabernet Sauvignon, the wine will bring out the richness, umami and earthiness of the dish.”

Chef Claudio prefers to pair a big and bold wine like 1000 Stories Cabernet Sauvignon with a more robust protein. “1000 Stories Cabernet Sauvignon impressed me on so many levels. The bourbon barrel-aged method added a bold complexity and an element of surprise—something I always strive to achieve in my approach to cooking.” He recommends pairing it with his bone-in-beef short ribs braised with maitake mushrooms, served with shallot escabeche and hand-cut fries. Always renowned for his culinary innovations, he even suggested sipping a glass of 1000 Stories from dinner to dessert. “The smoky notes found in this Cabernet Sauvignon will complement the burnt caramel flavours of a Basque Cheesecake, especially if the cheesecake is served alongside roasted plums.”

Whether you choose to pair your 1000 Stories Cabernet Sauvignon with braised pork like Bob, or braised beef and cheesecake like chef Claudio, in the spirit of this celebrated California wine, be innovative and bold with whatever you decide.

Click here to view 1000 Stories Cabernet Sauvignon online or find it in-store at your local LCBO.