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Toronto is Canada’s “party town,” Country Style is sold, wedding catering nightmares

Toronto is Canada’s “party town,” Country Style is sold, wedding catering nightmares
Sold! Ontario’s second-largest doughnut chain gets a new owner (Photo by Kevin Steele)

• Montreal’s King of the Food Court, Stanley Ma (the owner of Yogen Früz and Sushi Shop), buys Ontario’s second-largest coffee chain, Country Style. Who’s up for some fusion doughnuts? [Toronto Star]

• Britain’s Telegraph offers a Londoner’s guide to Toronto, “Canada’s party town.” Among the culinary picks are Delux, Rodney’s Oyster House and, wait for it, Second Cup. For homesick Brits, the article recommends the gastro-pub Crush. [Telegraph]

Maple Leaf Foods' Michael McCain calls for tougher food-safety regulations. He wants to prevent disasters like last summer’s listeria outbreak but says that completely eliminating the risk of outbreaks is impossible. [Globe and Mail]

• Think servers have it bad during Winterlicious? Chefs dish on the nightmares of catering weddings, including tales of screaming in-laws, power outages and overscheduled party planners—one of whom forgot to obtain a cake. [Gourmet]

• The Marriott at Pearson airport welcomes a new executive chef, William Huang, to the hotel’s Bistro West by East. Huang previously worked at Senses, Tundra and the airport Hilton’s Bliss. [PR Web]


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