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Street meat has come a long way, baby. Here are our picks for Toronto’s top dogs, from orthodox to outlandish

Completo’s Completo Dog

10 If you’re feeling saucy, look to this South American street-food spot for a Chilean staple. You can almost hear the bun groan under a mountain of mashed avocado, house-made salsa and hot sauce, ketchup, mustard, and mayo. Somewhere under all that is an organic all-beef dog. It’s messier to eat than your standard street meat—maybe don’t wear white. $9. 337 Broadview Ave.; 5 Coady Ave., @completo.toronto

Pepper’s Food and Drink’s Signature Slaw Dog

9 If you can tear yourself away from the aisles of hard-to-find snacks and the refrigerators chock full of beer, wine and sake, then order a hot dog and watch as a steaming all-beef frank is plucked from a vintage-style roller, given a squiggle of hot mustard and covered in a cool, crunchy hash of cabbage, peppers and carrots. It’s best enjoyed on Pepper’s sunny streetside patio with a can of something cold. $3.50. 189 Wallace Ave., @peppers.189

GG’s Classic Hot Dog

8 Novelty is a given in our dizzying metropolis, but this dog from GG’s Burgers is free of surprises: it’s just a really good all-beef wiener topped with ketchup, mustard, diced onion and dill pickles. The retro-themed diner is located steps from the bustle of Woodbine beach, so snag a spot by the water and bask in the simplicity of a superb snack. $7. 1681 Lake Shore Blvd. E.,

WVRST’s Danger Dog

7 At the city’s beer-and-banger emporium, stout yet fluffy buns cradle everything from wild-game sausages to this superior hot dog made with pork and heritage beef from Perth Farms. It’s a bacon-wrapped beauty topped as you like—we’re fans of the house-made giardiniera. Maximalists can add a layer of Swiss raclette or smoked gouda for $5 extra. $6.95. 609 King St. W. and 65 Front St. W. (inside Union Station),

Fancy Franks’ Fancy Texi-Mexi

6 This hot dog dealer has refined its beef chili recipe right down to the last grains of paprika, cayenne and cinnamon. Here, it’s served up Tex-Mex style on a hand-twisted beef dog that has a delightful snap thanks to its all-natural lamb casing. Topped with sour cream, jalapeno crisps, cheddar and scallions, this dog is lightly spicy and indulgent without being overwhelming. $9.89. Various locations,

Round the Horn’s Seoul Dog

5 If the Cheers vibes and craft brews don’t win you over on this Roncesvalles sports bar, their excellent hot dogs will. Chief among them is the colourful Seoul dog, which gets its delightful tang from a combo of kimchi, sour cream and gochujang mayo. Lettuce, scallions and furikake add a welcome crunch factor, and an umami-rich soy glaze seals the deal. $12. 331 Roncesvalles Ave., @roundthehorn

Uncle Betty’s Ultimate Dog

4 This ultra-decadent dog has been a menu mainstay since the midtown diner opened in 2010. And for good reason: an all-beef frank is sandwiched in a buttery toasted bun and topped with cheddar, garlic aioli, house-made barbecue sauce, a choice of pulled pork or meatloaf, plus a flat-top-grilled mac-and-cheese loaf (yes, that’s a thing). If you’re not too fussy about food groups, it all adds up to a complete meal. $16. 2590 Yonge St., @unclebettysdiner

Grandma Loves You’s French Dog

3 You’ve heard of pairing pork and apples, but have you tried beef and blueberry? This Summerhill sandwich shop tops an all-beef wiener with oozy brie and blueberry jam on a flaky house-made croissant for a flavour combo that checks all the sweet, savoury and buttery boxes. If for some reason croissants aren’t your thing, you can also get it on a regular bun. $9.49. 1084 Yonge St., @grandmalovesyoutoronto

Beast’s Venison Chili Hot Dog Sandwich

2 Yep, that’s a burger bun. But, in our book, it’s what’s inside that counts. In this case, that’s a sliced all-beef wiener, pan seared and smothered in venison chili, cheddar, onions and mustard. It’s the brainchild of Toronto meat master Scott Vivian, who has successfully transplanted the soul of his original Beast restaurant (which he recently rebranded as a pizzeria) into the kitchen at Blood Brothers brewing. $16. 165 Geary Ave., @beastatbloodbrothers

Woofdawg’s Loaded Dog

1 Stephen Payne launched his KungFu Dawg cart on Ossington in 2014, and the snappy house-made franks and corn dogs immediately stood out. He levelled up to a storefront in 2021, which he named Woofdawg, and his signature item is the finest frank in town. Your choice of dog—all beef, pork and beef, chicken, or veggie—is unrestrainedly topped with fennel slaw, spicy mayo, crispy onions, sweet corn relish, pickles, onions and jalapenos. $9. 1357 Dundas St. W.,