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Push comes to shove for Conrad Black

Conrad Black’s latest misadventure, a lawsuit brought by a Chicago cameraman seeking punitive and compensatory damages issuing from Lord Black’s alleged attempt to remove him from his shoulder, was much reported in the Canadian press recently. Each occasion of its telling included a standard piece of now-hilarious legal bulletproofing: “None of the allegations have been proven in court.”

This was the same caveat included in almost every story describing last summer’s Trial of the Millennial Epoch™. On the other hand, the Chicago Tribune and a Chicago network affiliate of CBS didn’t bother. Lord Black’s current condition, at least in Chicago and environs, has rendered him toothless in the eyes of Grub Street. Apparently in the True North we have longer memories and, as a result, more cautious natures.

Camera man sues Black over alleged trial incident [The Globe and Mail]• Conrad Black sued by TV cameraman [National Post]• Camera operator sues, saying Black shoved him [Toronto Star]• Conrad Black Sued For Shoving Cameraman [CBS]


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