Oshawa’s top spots for takeout pasta dishes, deli sandwiches, bowls of pho and kofta burgers

Oshawa’s top spots for takeout pasta dishes, deli sandwiches, bowls of pho and kofta burgers

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Oshawa, the largest municipality of Durham Region, has a vibrant culinary community that allows locals and visitors to enjoy all kinds of wonderful stuff, from greasy-spoon breakfasts to food-truck kofta burgers and vegan sticky-rice wraps. In our continuing series that spotlights stellar suburban bites, here are our top takeout spots in what was once Canada’s Motor City.


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Teddy’s Restaurant & Deli

This nearly 40-year-old favourite is loved by locals for its friendly staff and hulking portions. They’re most famous for deli sandwiches like The Warehouse (corned beef, smoked meat, turkey, roast beef), or a classic reuben. Other menu hits include all-day breakfast, hot turkey sandwiches smothered in gravy, chicken parm and corned beef with cabbage. And don’t leave without a slice (or a whole one, we’re not here to judge) of their coconut cream pie or strawberry cheesecake. 245 King St. W., 905-579-5529, teddysoshawa.com


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Batoota’s Food Truck

Emily Easa started this mobile eatery in 2019, serving up dishes that represent her blended Dutch-Egyptian background. There’s bitterballen (hearty beef-and-gravy croquettes); a satisfying kofta burger topped with parsley, tomatoes, onion, and tahini-garlic sauce; and Batoota Wings (smoked chicken wings drizzled with barbecue and ranch sauces). For dessert: homemade stroopwafels, spiced cookies filled with gooey caramel filling—perfect for dunking. 381 Taunton Rd. E., 905-244-1404, facebook.com/batootasfoodtruck


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Pho Viet Nam 999 Oshawa

This family-owned Vietnamese restaurant is where broth-loving Oshawians get their slurp on. Fan favourites include rare-beef pho, fresh shrimp and vegetable rolls, grilled pork chops with jumbo shrimp and steamed rice, and stir-fried squid with onion. Wash it all down with a big glass of bubble tea—we like the one made with honey and peaches. 299 King St. W., 905-728-8999, phovn999osh.com


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Tommy’s Homemade Fries

Back in 1951, a man named Tommy (big surprise, we know) opened this fry shop. Now, nearly 70 years and three generations later, the no-frills, family-run joint by the lake is still serving up golden spuds. The menu lists not only their famous fries but all kinds of good-and-greasy grub: poutine, onion rings, burgers and sausages. 1685 Simcoe St., no phone, facebook.com/tommyshomemadefries


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Cyrus Persian Restaurant

Chef and owner Cyrus Amini has been cooking up flavourful food here since 2008. Best bests include chicken shawarma in wrap or plate form, creamy smoked-eggplant-and-tomato dip with pita, and the Cyrus special: a trio of ground beef, chicken and steak kebabs. The to-go family package comes chock full of chicken and beef skewers, basmati rice, salad and sodas for up to four hungry people. 563 Ritson Rd. S., 905-448-0892, cyrusrestaurant.ca


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Mathilda Irawan opened this vegan restaurant to nourish the minds, bodies and spirits of her Oshawa customers. Her “mindful meals” are purported to maintain healthy weight, reduce inflammation and promote gut health—but they taste good, too. Her vegan creations include sticky rice wraps, maple jerk “chick’n” and oil-free mac and “cheese,” and plenty of sweet (but still kinda healthy) treats like butter tarts, Oreo truffles and s’mores cookies. 29 Simcoe St. S.,365-888-3663, mathildas.ca


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Berry Hill Food Company

Oshawa native Sarah Chiapparro and her partner, Jorge Chiapparro, have been cooking up comforting creations with quirky twists since 2013. Menu favourites include chicken wings hopped up on Thai spices; avocado wedges covered in crispy onions; and the Pig Jerk pizza topped with fiery jerk pork, boozy rum-pineapple sauce, ham, tomatoes, and onions. They also sell boxed lunches. Check their website to pre-order baked goods for pickup. 82 King St. W., 905-240-9055, berryhillfoodco.ca


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Spicy Affairs

Since 2013, the Varna family has been doling out comforting Indian dishes at their downtown Oshawa kitchen. Chef specials include chicken tikka masala, creamy Goan shrimp curry, mango chicken and seafood biryani with marinated shrimp. For mopping up sauces, there’s cheese naan and whole-wheat laccha paratha. Not a heat-seeker? Just let the Varnas know and they’ll start you at level one—though you can work your way up to level six. 84 King St. W., 905-240-8600, spicyaffairs.ca


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Ciao Amici

The Italian trattoria serves up gut-busting pasta plates (cheese tortellini, spaghetti and meatballs) and hulking hot sandwiches for $10 or less. Daily specials include personal pizzas, gnocchi and Garfield-approved slabs of lasagna. For first-timers who can’t decide, the legendary veal parmigiana is what to get. 8 Bond St. W., 905-728-4888, ciaoamici.ca


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Viva Burritos

The dishes coming out of this pastel-coloured Mexican kitchen include cheesy nachos, zesty pozole, juicy steak tacos and tamales, and burritos bursting with fillings like sweet potato or pulled pork. And don’t be shy with the signature garlic-mango-habanero hot sauce. For dessert: crispy churros that are fried-to-order. 12 Centre St. N., 905-926-8768, facebook.com/VivaBurritos