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10 of the best restaurants in Scarborough for takeout and delivery

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Toronto's top takeout spots
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Toronto’s top takeout spots

There’s a ton of great takeout west of Parkdale, north of Yorkville and east of Leslieville—and it’s high time we gave credit where credit is due. In this new series, we’ll put the spotlight on communities outside of the core, and our favourite places to grab food to go from each one. Up first: 10 stellar spots for takeout and delivery in Scarborough (including Drake’s favourite new patty place).


This lunch counter serves up whopping portions of Malaysian comfort food. Must-order items include curry chicken laksa, char kway teow (fried mixed noodles), nasi lemak with chili padi chicken (coconut rice with spicy chicken), and pulut panggang (glutinous rice wrap stuffed with spicy coconut). Cash only. 8 Glen Watford Dr., #8, 647-340-7099,

East Court & Mike’s BBQ

Get massive meals of Chinese barbecue—all for $10 or less—at this Chinese barbecue restaurant. It’s a go-to spot for fatty char siu, crispy pork, glazed chicken and glistening roast duck on your choice of rice or noodles. Cash only. 4400 Sheppard Ave E., 416-609-2388 or ​416-526-7688

Fat Ninja Bite

You’ll find epic sandwiches at this quirky fast-casual spot. Dive into towering chicken katsu burgers, house-made nori taro chips, or cheese don katsu on rice with an intense (and very Instagrammable) cheese pull. 3517 Kennedy Rd., 416-321-8866,

Federick Restaurant

If you’re seeking to spice things up, look no further than this beloved Hakka restaurant. Fan favourites include the deep-fried crispy beef, chili chicken and chicken pakoras. 1920 Ellesemere Rd., 416-439-9234,

Lamanna’s Bakery

While this Italian bakery might be known for their comically large pizza slices and wacky toppings (we’re looking at you, nachos) it also serves up some classics, like Nutella-filled bomboloni, Margherita pies and all kinds of house-made gelato (the Sicilian orange and pistachio flavours are * chef’s kiss *). No walk-ins. 6758 Kingston Rd., 416-287-2020,

Le Cafe Michi

This Japanese café is a cozy hideaway known for fresh sushi, sashimi and chiffon cakes by the slice. Dishes not to be missed include the Cafe Michi seafood hotpot udon, cafe au lait chirashi sushi and live scallops. 1802 Pharmacy Ave., 416-490-9688

Shawarma Empire

Take a trip this Lawrence East strip mall for some of the GTA’s best shawarma and falafel. Popular picks include the chicken shawarma, falafel sandwiches and ooey-gooey kanafeh. 1823 Lawrence Ave. E., 416-285-1337.

The Roti Hut

For over three decades, this family-run restaurant has been cooking up Caribbean goodness. Get hunks of boneless goat served on open-faced dhalpuri roti, deep-fried doubles spilling over with curry channa, and roti (including vegetarian-friendly pumpkin and spinach). 351 Pitfield Rd., 416-298-4153,

Patty Stop Inc.

Even before Drake gave this patty place his blessing, food-lovers in the know flocked to it for the flavourful patties. Come for the patties stuffed with beef and chicken in between coco bread, goat curry on rice and the jerk chicken sandwiches. If you’re coming from outside of Scarborough, make the trip worth your while: patties are available by the box. 5506 Lawrence Ave. E., no phone,

Diana’s Oyster Bar and Grill

For over 30 years, this wholesale seafood supplier has been a delectable resource for the city’s restaurateurs. The must-haves here are oysters (Malpeque, Kusshi, Acadian and Fanny Bay), clam chowder and the seafood mixed grill. For a decadent at-home spread, get the seafood platter for two. 2101 Lawrence Ave. E., 416-288-158,


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