Mustard ad made entirely of meat, debunking rumours of a Jennifer Aniston-Jamie Oliver partnership, the caloric overload of eggnog

Mustard ad made entirely of meat, debunking rumours of a Jennifer Aniston-Jamie Oliver partnership, the caloric overload of eggnog

Military beefcake Lord Kitchener shills for Colman's

• A Colman’s Mustard’s advertisement featuring Lord Kitchener’s face recreated with meat is making veggie boosters like Paul McCartney lose their kale-burger lunches. The ad is a recreation of an iconic British WWI poster and is composed of sausage fingers, beef, chicken and sliced ham. The creepiest part might be that the yellow-tinged eyes are real, likely plucked from a pig. [Guardian]

• Meet Canada’s culinary David, Mathieu Cloutier, who upset Goliaths like Iron Chef America winner Rob Feenie and Nota Bene’s David Lee to win this year’s national Gold Medal Plates championships. Hitherto unknown, the chef started Montreal’s 30-seat Kitchen Galerie two years ago with partners Jean-Philippe St-Denis and Axel Mevel, hoping at least to break even by serving six clients a night. The dining room has been packed ever since. This past July, Cloutier and St-Denis opened a second spot, larger and more stylish, called Chez Edgar. The chef’s winning dish was an inventive and quirky foie gras steamed in a dishwasher, then served cold with muscat wine jelly and long peppers. [Globe and Mail]

• A U.K. man formerly known as Chris Hunt deeply enjoys Monster Munch potato chips, eating a bag with every meal—pickled onion at breakfast, roast beef for lunch and “flamin’ hot” with supper. So obsessed is he with the crisps that when his friends dared him to change his name to reflect his love, he jumped at the chance. Now called Mr. Munch, or just “Monster” to his mates, the Evington plumber is finding clever new ways to mix the crisps with his meals, like stuffing them in sandwiches or stirring them with rice and pasta. [Telegraph]

• Eggnog consumption soars in December, with Canadians guzzling more than eight million litres of the creamy tipple, which packs upwards of 19 grams of fat per cup and has the caloric intake of a bacon cheeseburger. According to food anthropologist Krystyna Sieciechowicz, revellers don’t imbibe the nog because it tastes good, but rather because it’s a tradition that hearkens back to Victorian roots, when celebrating the holidays with rich foods like farm eggs, sugar, cream and rum became symbolic of wealth and prosperity. These days, rich foods like that are merely symbolic of why we all need to hit the gym come January.   [National Post]

• Recent whispers that Love Happens star Jennifer Aniston is writing a cookbook with Jamie Oliver are apparently false. The Internet reports were traced back to the ever-unreliable National Enquirer after the story was relayed by Yahoo News India. Fans of the former Friends star are in luck, though. This fall, she said she wanted to start a Mexican restaurant, “’cause [she] love[s] Mexican food, and usually a great night is had in a Mexican restaurant, no?” [Slashfood]