More poisoned dogs, Comfort Zone’s $11-million lawsuit, maple syrup everywhere

More poisoned dogs, Comfort Zone’s $11-million lawsuit, maple syrup everywhere

A bad year for Hogtown pooches (Photo by Ruth Ellison)

• It’s a trying time for Toronto’s dogs. First there were the toxic wieners in High Park; then pooches were zapped by stray electricity in Liberty Village. This week, three more were poisoned by tainted cupcakes in Port Perry. [Globe and Mail]

• Chinatown’s Comfort Zone has launched an $11-million lawsuit against the city, claiming business losses following Councillor Adam Vaughan’s accusation that the restaurant is associated with organized crime. [365]

• In the midst of extraction season, expect to find maple syrup far beyond the sugar shack. Upon discovering maple-infused vinegar, cheese, liqueur and mustard, one Star columnist has announced a “maple renaissance.” [Toronto Star]

• The ability to purchase a bottle of wine at the corner store is one thing Montrealers have on Torontonians. We’re not alone in this plight: Governor David Paterson is advocating that New York catch up with 35 states that allow grocery stores to sell alcohol. [New York Times]

• Montreal chef Chuck Hughes gives the scoop on his Food Network show Chuck’s Day Off. Airing next week, the program reveals what it’s like to do grunt work in the kitchen. [National Post]