Holiday Wine Guide: 14 of the LCBO’s best bottles of bubbly

Holiday Wine Guide: 14 of the LCBO’s best bottles of bubbly

Say good riddance to 2020 in style

Vieni NV Momenti

$13.95 | Ontario
One of the best value sparklers Ontario has to offer, it hits that prosecco mark with a slightly sweet note of peach and apple, and maintains a refreshing citrus punch on the finish. LCBO 435784

NV Villa Sandi Prosecco

$15.95 | Italy
Prosecco is generally a great value when craving bubbles, and this one delivers complex aromas and flavours of white flour, melon, and apple. One might twice about dumping this into a mimosa—it’s that good. LCBO 394387

Buanmico NV Particolare Gran Cuvee Brut Rosé

$20.95 | Italy
Sangiovese-syrah blends are rarely seen in the sparkling world. Created in the prosecco style, this one is light, lively and full of delicious apple and raspberry-rhubarb flavours, with hints of lime on the refreshing finish. Vintages 16712

Grande Cuvée 1531 De Aimery

$18.95 | France
This crémant reflects the hotter summers experienced in the south of France, with aromas and flavours of white flower, peach, and orange. The ripe fruit notes are balanced by bright, crisp acidity to keep this light and refreshing on the palate. LCBO 428086

Chateau de Montgueret Crémant de Loire Brut

$19.95 | France
This bone-dry crémant opens up with aromas of lime zest, granny smith apple and mineral. The mouthfeel is bright, light and crisp, with hints of apple that linger on the finish. LCBO 217760

Rotari 2014 Platinum Label Brut Trento
Rotari 2014 Rose Sparkling

$19.95 each | Italy
These two traditional-method sparklers deliver on every aspect of great bubbles. The Platinum brims with baked apple and lemon drop, with hints of biscotti on the finish. The rosé is raspberry-strawberry-rhubarb forward, with a pie-crust-like finish. Vintages 15679, Vintages 16601

Cave Spring Cellars NV Blanc de Blancs

$29.95 | Ontario
Cave Spring’s blanc de blancs reliably delivers killer acidity with green apple, lemon, lime, touches of pear and a great mineral hit on the finish. It’s hard to go wrong with this one. LCBO 213983

2014 Featherstone Joy

$34.95 | Ontario
The goods in this bottle are on par with any entry-level champagne the LCBO has to offer. It’s a worthy celebration bottle, or can be cellared for a decade or longer. Vintages 310334

2015 Henry of Pelham Cuvée Catharine Carte Blanche Estate Blanc de Blanc

$49.95 | Ontario
Henry of Pelham’s non-vintage Cuvée Catharine is a go-to for many Ontario bubbly drinkers. But for a few extra dollars, this top-tier 2015 Catharine is well worth it. Vintages 315200

Domaine Carneros by Taittinger Brut Cuvee 2016

$49.95 | 301655
For California bubbles with a champagne pedigree, look no further than Domaine Carneros. Apple and toasty notes mix with the bread-crust complexity found in the really good French stuff. (This is still Taittinger, after all.) Vintages 301655

Bollinger Special Cuvée Brut Champagne

$91.95 | France
The endless texture with which this wine opens is followed by rich notes of toasted bread and subtle baking spice that overlaps with citrus and tart apple. Vintages 384529

Laurent Perrier Rosé

$102.95 | France
There is a clear reason why this is the world’s best selling rosé champagne. The red fruit aromas and flavours are subtle, and open on the palate with a nice creaminess. In spite of the rich texture, this has the zippy acidity to match any meal—though having a bottle on hand can be reason for celebration sans food. Vintages 158550

Krug Grande Cuvée Brut Champagne

$333 | France
If ever there were a year to splurge on a bottle of top-tier champagne, it may be this one, because you’ll have to share it with fewer people. Expect a wine that is rich and complex with notes of toasted brioche, roasted nuts, and bright citrus. Vintages 38562