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Filleted by Flay: conspiracy theories aplenty after Michael Smith loses on Iron Chef America

Seems like the Iron Chef America judges don’t care for Michael Smith’s signature potato anchors. On Sunday’s televised battle, the Chef Abroad star did not “open a big ol’ can of maple-flavoured whoop-ass and pour it all over Bobby Flay’s head,” as he claims in this video. In fact, he lost by a staggering 14 points, spurring bloggers to cry foul about the decision. Over at Slashfood, theories include Flay having an avocado advantage—the green fruit, which made an appearance as the secret ingredient, is more familiar to Flay since he’s a southwestern chef—and the show having a flawed judging panel that included Antonio Sabato Jr., a man who admits to a dislike of avocados and is incapable of making a grilled cheese sandwich. Commenters also accuse the judges of favouring the home team and note that Smith’s Chef at Home dishes aren’t suited to the competition’s celebration of haute cuisine (among his five creations were guacamole three ways and a soft-shell crab club sandwich).

Despite the loss, Smith feels that he came out on top. He tells the Star that he is currently in Vancouver with his Iron Chef sous-chefs working on the “12,000-meal-a-day feeding operation” better known as the Olympics.

Back to you, Fukui-San.

‘Iron Chef America’—Flay not Flummoxed by Canadian Irony [Slashfood] • TV loss a lark for Canadians [Toronto Star]Michael Smith defeated on ‘Iron Chef America’ [TV Guide Canada]


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