Ten of the tastiest private label items you’ll be able to shop for at Farm Boy’s new Yonge and Soudan location

Ten of the tastiest private label items you’ll be able to shop for at Farm Boy’s new Yonge and Soudan location

Farm Boy started off as a quaint family-run produce stand in Cornwall in 1981. Since then, it’s grown to 33-stores across Ontario, selling its signature farm-fresh produce, butcher-quality meats and locally sourced cuisine to all kinds of foodies. Its first Toronto location opened two years ago in Etobicoke to serious enthusiasm, followed by a location at Leslie and Lakeshore, and most recently the brand is continuing its local takeover with three new locations, including one at Bay and College that opened on October 1, and another at Front and Bathurst that’s opening in early 2021. And in exciting news for midtown residents, their 27,370-square-foot Yonge and Soudan location is set to open on October 29, occupying the second story of a residential tower that used to house the high-end furniture emporium The Art Shoppe.

One of the reasons fans are so obsessed with the store is its extensive lineup of over 1,200 private label items—including chef-prepared meats, locally made sauces and plenty of vegan and gluten-free options. There’s something for everyone, and we’ve rounded up a few of our favourites:


Farm Boy™ Salad Dressing. Because it’s easier to eat your greens when they’re lightly coated in sweet and tangy sauces. Farm Boy’s dressings are all made from fresh, flavourful ingredients you’d find in your pantry like EVOO, vinegar, garlic and herbs—the only difference is you won’t have to mix up the concoctions yourself every time you crave a salad. They make the classics, but we also love exotic options like their lemon fig dressing or apple cider goji berry vinaigrette. $4.99


Farm Boy™ Fresh Soups. It’s officially soup season, and Farm Boy’s made-from-scratch lineup boasts fresh, simple ingredients and no additives or preservatives. They’re always coming up with wholesome new recipes, like the Kale-ienté Mexican Fiesta, which is bursting with chorizo, jalapeno, fresh kale and cilantro. $6.99 to $7.99


Farm Boy™ Double-Roasted Chocolate Almonds. To make these supremely satisfying snacks, Farm Boy double-roasts premium almonds and coats them in a layer of rich creamy chocolate (either milk or dark, depending on your preference). They’re guaranteed to lift you out of a mid-afternoon slump or satisfy even the strongest post-dinner sugar cravings, and can be consumed relatively guilt-free. $5.99


Farm Boy™ Flatbreads. The thin, crispy crust on these flatbreads is stone-roasted and topped with gourmet ingredients like asiago cheese, kalamata olives and artichoke hearts. We particularly enjoy the prosciutto and pear version as well as the indulgent mushroom and black truffle. They come frozen, and are great to have on hand for an easy appetizer or delicious lunch. $7.99


Farm Boy™ Shepherds Pie. Farm Boy makes this beloved dinner staple with tender beef, colourful veggies and a fluffy potato topping. It’s instantly ready to go from the freezer to the oven, and, with winter fast approaching, the cozy comfort food is a guaranteed crowd favourite. $9.99


Farm Boy™ Chocolate Chip Cookie. The company tested over 20,000 cookies and tweaked the recipe 50 times before landing on this decadent recipe, which has a delightfully crunchy base and is absolutely loaded with chocolate chips. Plus, there are no artificial colours or preservatives. $3.99


Farm Boy™ Rainbow Veggie Fries. We could all use a little more vibrancy in our food these days, and this healthy take on fries gets its kaleidoscopic hues from carrots, parsnips and beetroots. They can be baked or fried, and bring a much-appreciated restaurant vibe to any meal. $4.99


Farm Boy – Sparkling Water

Farm Boy™ Organic Sparkling Water. These brand-new soda alternatives come in four effervescent flavours, are free of sugar and sodium and absolutely packed full of cool, crisp refreshment.  $4.99


Farm Boy™ Tortilla Chips. Anyone on the hunt for traditional, authentically made tortilla chips can look no further. Farm Boy’s are perfectly crispy, and you can snag variations made from organic blue corn or ancient grains. They hold their own in loaded nachos, complement any kind of dip and even add a nice crunch to soups or salads. $3.99


Farm Boy™ Fresh Salsa. On a related note, Farm Boy’s salsa is some of the freshest out there. It’s made in their kitchen every day with sun-ripened tomatoes, lime juice, green peppers, red onion, coriander, garlic and just enough jalapeno peppers to give it the perfect amount of kick. $4.99

Visit one of Farm Boy’s Toronto locations to try these goods for yourself.