There’s a new kind of Easter egg hunt happening in Toronto on March 31st

There’s a new kind of Easter egg hunt happening in Toronto on March 31st

The goal? To find Reeseter, the world’s biggest Easter egg

Update: Due to the rainy forecast ahead this Saturday, Reeseter will be touring the city on Sunday March 31st.

Contain your drool, everyone: REESE has officially infiltrated Easter, with delicious treats and an adorable new mascot. This season, families also have an opportunity to participate in a different kind of egg hunt that we guarantee is more exciting than whatever’s going on at home (no offense, parents). The search comes courtesy of REESE’s Easter eggs, the Easter candy that everybody is going wild for—because I think we can all agree that Easter candy could use an infusion of decadent, peanut buttery goodness.

The hunt is designed to celebrate REESE’s ultra-popular 3D eggs, which are coming back for a second year, providing the perfect combination of peanut butter and chocolate in Easter form. The cheery yellow packaging features a seriously adorable face, which, combined with the unmistakable taste of REESE, makes the eggs the go-to choice for mouth-watering Easter hunts everywhere. A warning, though: they’ll only be available for a limited time, so stock up while you can (we have a feeling that with REESE, there won’t be any risk of leftover candy).

During the Toronto hunt on March 31st, the main goal will be to find REESE’s Easter mascot himself: Reeseter, a.k.a. the world’s biggest Easter egg (move over, Easter Bunny). Participants can search for Reeseter at major landmarks around the city, and if you find him, you may even get a sweet Easter surprise.

Though Reeseter will be hitting up local hotspots, we’re not officially allowed to share his exact coordinates. That said, you can use the clues below to guess where he’ll be. If you happen to spot Reeseter, you can share you sighting by using the hashtag #Reeseter and tagging @ReeseCanada:

HINT ONE: Come summer, this green space will be packed with picnickers, drum circles and frisbee-throwers. On March 31st, you may be able to find Reeseter hanging out with the neighbourhood’s dogs, playing with kids in the jungle gym or snapping artsy Instagrams of the CN Tower from the tree-lined pathway.

HINT TWO: Reeseter loves to hit up this trendy west-end street when he needs to go shopping for yellow attire or out for chocolate-focused meals with friends. Hidden among the brunch-goers, yogis and families out for weekend strolls, keep an eye out for a bright round yellow figure—if you’re lucky, he may even have some extra treats to hand out.

Anyway, chocolate lovers: the hunt is on. May this be the year you accept the challenge to expand your hunt from your home to the entire city—and add some delicious REESE eggs to your haul. Follow along with Reeseter’s journey through @ReeseCanada’s Instagram stories