The Dish Power Rankings: B is for Buzz Edition

The Dish Power Rankings: B is for Buzz Edition


In this week’s roundup: buzzy restaurants start with “B,” and Dr. Raymond Stantz eats shellfish.

1. Ici Bistro
The week’s exciting resto-news: J.P. Challet’s Harbord bistro is packing up and moving to the Windsor Arms. Same name, same menu, same staffbut more seats!

2. Bar Buca
Looks like the cannoli is the way to go.

3. Brooklyn Tavern
Leslievillers have found their home away from home: a low-key dining room with plenty of space for a stroller. (The Star’s Amy Pataki calls the roast chicken “a marvel.”)

4. Brockton General
After three years on Dundas West, the sweet little bistro is calling it a day. Fans have exactly nine days left to say farewell.

5. Bent
Susur Lee’s new Toronto restaurant, Luckee, is soft-launching over the weekend at the Soho Met. Considering the unwavering unreservability at Bent, Lee’s Dundas Street outpost, we suspect it will do okay.

6. Fonda Lola
Wednesday night + face-searing windchill + packed house = buzz.

7. The Carbon Bar
A tepid Globe review hasn’t stunted Carbon Bar’s popularity: it’s full to capacity through March 3rd.

8. George
Recently crowned a Canadian culinary champ, Lorenzo Loseto knows how to keep things simple, too: his rustic multi-tiered muffuletta sandwich was described by the Star’s Jennifer Bain as “worthy of obsession.”

9. Enoteca Sociale
Yelp editors pegged Enoteca as one of the two best places to eat in Toronto. (The other? The St. Lawrence Market.)

10. Sushi Nomi
The Grid’s Karon Liu plucked this Roncesvalles sushi spot from relative obscurity. The Chowhound consensus: it’s totally “not bullshit.”

Honourable Mentions: Dan Ackroyd was spotted sampling shellfish at Rock Lobster; Ben Mulroney loves the tuna tacos at One; and Bar Isabel celebri-chef Grant van Gameren is moonlighting as a model for Roots. Also, St. Catherines food truck El Gastronomo Vagabondo has been nominated alongside 14 U.S. trucks for the title of 2014 Food Truck Taco of the Year. (They’re currently in 5th placevote them up here.)