Bacon booze, Maple Leaf relief and the beef with beef

Bacon booze, Maple Leaf relief and the beef with beef

Cattle: The environmental enemy (Photo by Dave Wild)

• Recent studies have revealed that beef is the least environmentally friendly meat out there, while the opposite is true of chicken. This may be because about 35 pounds of cow manure are produced for each pound of saleable beef. [Slate]

• The Italian founder of the Slow Food movement is coming to Toronto to attend a conference, as well as an orgiastic feast hosted for his Toronto devotees (including Jamie Kennedy). We expect him to travel by giant snail. [CP]

• In its next move in what appears to be a plan to defeat Starbucks, McDonald’s will soon be testing McCafe, the fast food giant’s coffee shop chain, in some Canadian markets. [CNN]

• Bacon-flavoured hooch is only one of the 25 bizarre vodkas on this list, including one named after booty and one by Ed Hardy. Gross. [If It’s Hip, It’s Here]

• In response to some countries closing their borders to pigs, the CEO of Maple Leaf Foods reminds Canadians that eating pork will not give you swine flu. On an unrelated note, Maple Leaf’s profit margins are still recovering from last year’s listeria crisis. [Toronto Star]