Eat your way around the city and taste the world

Eat your way around the city and taste the world

Discover every cuisine in Toronto, from Caribbean and South Asian to South American and more

If you find yourself wanting to try or experience a cultural dish, you need only take a step outside—or, better yet, turn on your phone—to find it in Toronto. Known for many things, from its stunning skyline to its unique waterfront shoreline, the city has made a name for itself as a foodie’s paradise, thanks in part to being one of the most multicultural cities in the world. 

Get inspired for your next adventure or reminisce about past travels by tasting the world—from a savoury Korean pork bone soup, a melt-in-your-mouth butter chicken roti or a seasoned-to-perfection jerk chicken with rice and peas, Toronto is the place to be. Whether or not a tarmac is in your near future, eat your way there with free delivery using your complimentary Uber Pass with eligible Aeroplan credit cards on Uber or Uber Eats. So, order that dish and rack up points to put toward your next trip.

Looking to take a culinary vacation around the city? Here are some foodie-approved joints to get you inspired and earning points toward your next adventure.


From Haiti to Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean is home to some of the most mouth-watering dishes in the world. Using uncomplicated ingredients like spices, fresh herbs, plantains, rice, coconut and more, Caribbean cuisine magically creates flavours distinctly different from any other type of food. And Toronto has plenty of it.

South Asian

Aromatic, fresh and comforting, Toronto has an endless selection of South Asian restaurants that taste and feel like a home-cooked meal. Steaming bowls of rice, flavourful roti, chillies, ginger and coriander make South Asia one of the best regions in the world for tasty eats.

South American

Latin America is a region of the world, like many others, with a rich and diverse history of Indigenous cultures. It’s not hard to find authentic Latin cuisine in Toronto, whether you’re looking for a simple plate of street tacos, a pile of Brazilian meats or a fully stuffed burrito.


As the second-largest continent on Earth, Africa is absolutely packed with different cultures, customs and, of course, cooking. From Egypt to Nigeria, South Africa and Morocco, there are endless food flavours to explore, from the bold and fresh to couscous-based dishes, corn-based dumplings, soups and beyond.


Meats, flour, starches and butter make up the foundation of most European foods—and yet each region has dishes uniquely different from the others. From the tangy sauerkraut of Ukraine to the salty, acidic tomato sauces of Southern Italy, you’ll want eyes bigger than your stomach when travelling to this part of the world.

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