Spill it: Our six TIFF essentials (so far)

Spill it: Our six TIFF essentials (so far)

What a girl needs: The state of our bag on day one

Walk softly and carry a big bag: the official motto of a TIFF survivalist. We chose a double-duty Danier bag ($199)—it’s big enough to fit our laptop, but also folds over into handbag size at night. Here, we spill its sundry necessities.

1. BlackBerry, of course, but don’t forget the charger either.

2. eBoost vitamins promise energy, immunity, recovery and focus—in short, everything we need to maintain the will to wake up. Sure, the outsized tablets are made to dissolve in water, but that’s just TIFF code for vodka. Drop one in a drink, and watch it turn orange and bubbly. It’s like swallowing a smile to hide a multitude of sins.

3. We should really keep our agenda hidden, but whatever.

4. You never know when your next free meal will show up, and if you don’t stow snacks—we live on Vel bars, just like the ones our mothers packed us as kids—you risk pulling a Marilyn Manson.

5. A compact mirror can be used for legal things, too, like touch-ups in the backs of cabs or to sneak rear-view peeks at celebs at Starbucks.

6. By day three, we predict that our wash-and-go hair will become just-go hair. Thank Greg May Hair for formulating this “dry clean only” shampoo, a powder spray that absorbs into the scalp, making grease disappear. We’re tempted to spray it on Nicolas Cage.