Redemption Inc., episode 4: shirts and skins (and flip-flops)

Redemption Inc., episode 4: shirts and skins (and flip-flops)

Redemption Inc.Episode 4

This week’s episode of Redemption Inc. was an emotional rollercoaster. The ex-cons pulled together to sell 50/50 tickets for charity (hurrah!), but two of them also pulled muscles in a pathetic display of athletic incompetence (boo!). We saw more of Sam without a shirt on (bizarre, but enjoyable), and we also saw more of the saccharine, nice Kevin O’Leary (seriously, what’s the deal, Kevin?). We unpack all the action—including Adam’s scandalous end-of-episode confession—after the jump.

The challenge this week—selling 50/50 tickets to benefit youth sports programs—was the first that seemed to test the competitors’ business skills, rather than their ability to stomach silly outfits or pal around with dogs. That said, the crafty Redemption Inc. producers wouldn’t let a week go by without some form of humiliation, so the ex-cons are forced to do some soccer drills, on the flimsy grounds that it will motivate them to sell more tickets (um, sure). After Adam pulls his groin and Joe tears his knee, the humiliation quota is reached and the rest of the ex-cons are allowed to stop.

On the night of the challenge, only four of the contestants show up at BMO Field (dependable Jeff is among them—obviously). It’s all very dire until Adam and Joe come hobbling in like war heroes, earning themselves some extended shoulder squeezing from Brian O’Dea (has anyone else noticed how touchy O’Dea is? Hands to yourself, buddy). Suddenly, we’re in a feel-good movie: the team (minus Ryan, who is still AWOL) sells a zillion tickets and gets applause from the crowd as they take the field to hand out a giant novelty cheque. We may have shed a tear.

The elimination runs as expected: Ryan explains his absence with the classic “family issue” excuse, Kevin doesn’t believe him but also doesn’t tear into him (sigh) and Ryan is sent on his way with a Price Is Right–style package that includes a laptop, a scooter and a set of golf clubs (presumably Ryan will be able to get a country club membership now, and take a Roman holiday). We’re already packing up and giving thanks that Jeff slid under the radar for yet another week when Adam suddenly confesses to the others that he was a correctional officer, netting him a range of horrified looks. We think he just painted a target on his back (which is fine by us if it keeps Jeff safe).

• Number of ex-cons who appeared to have played soccer before: 1
• Number of soccer-based injuries: 2
• Number of “ehs”: 9 (Canadian television is great, eh?)
• Number of seconds Sam was shown without a shirt: 37
• Number of times a connection was made between selling tickets for charity and the ex-cons’ redemption: 4
• Number of ex-cons wearing flip-flops at elimination: 1 (Ryan, you really gave up.)
• Number of ex-cons wearing primary-coloured ties à la Kevin O’Leary: 1