Loo styles of the rich and famous

Loo styles of the rich and famous

Based on some recent indecent exposure, we’re thinking the key to TIFF reporting may be camping out next to the lav. The evidence below:

1. Bill Murray may skip his own press conferences, but the actor is fairly in your face when he needs the head. During a whirlwind gala at Roy Thomson Hall, an insider was in a stall catching up on a work call when an abrupt knock was heard at the door.

“Hey, you done in there?” Murray allegedly asked.
“No, you are on the phone. You’re not using the bathroom. Get out.”
“Oh. I was just finishing a quick work call.”
“Do it outside. Some of us need to use the bathroom.”

2. Not all A-listers are so stringent. We’ve heard reports that at the screening of her directorial debut, Whip It, Drew Barrymore was seen sitting in a stall at the Ryerson Theatre with the door wide open. A security guard hovered nearby, but Barrymore had opted just to sit there in her majestic Alexander McQueen dress. We know she’s a liberated gal, but this is a new extreme (or perhaps a form of WC claustrophobia).

Reporting from the Windsor Arms washroom tonight, we’re hoping to gather more tales from the toilette at the InStyle party.