Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 makes its streaming debut—plus everything else we’re excited to watch this week

Here are our 10 most anticipated titles hitting Crave, Apple TV Plus, Mubi, Netflix, Prime Video and Disney Plus

By Patricia Karounos
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 makes its streaming debut—plus everything else we're excited to watch this week
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 on Disney Plus.

Marvel’s latest space extravaganza, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3—which marks the end of the quirky, James Gunn–directed trilogy—makes its streaming debut this week. There’s also the second season of Winning Time, which chronicles the rise of the ‘80s Los Angeles Lakers into one of the greatest sports dynasties of all time, and The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart, a sweeping Australian drama exploring family, sisterhood and trauma starring Sigourney Weaver. Here are our picks for the 10 most anticipated titles hitting Crave, Apple TV Plus, Mubi, Netflix, Prime Video and Disney Plus this week.

10. Simulant (Crave)

Simu Liu, Robbie Amell, Jordana Brewster and Sam Worthington star in this Canadian sci-fi flick set in a world where humanoids can take the place of real humans. When one woman tries to replace her recently deceased husband with a humanoid copy, it triggers a battle between AI and the humans who want to stop the rise of machine consciousness. August 4

9. 65 (Crave)

Adam Driver stars in this action film as a pilot who crash-lands on a mysterious planet—only to discover that he’s actually on Earth 65 million years ago. Now, he’s left with one chance to get himself and the only other survivor (played by Barbie’s Ariana Greenblatt) safely back home while fending off prehistoric creatures. August 4

8. Physical, season three (Apple TV Plus)

In the third and final season of this ‘80s-set dark comedy, Sheila (Rose Byrne) is closer than ever to achieving her dream of having her own Jane Fonda–style fitness empire. But, when an endearing Southern belle (Zooey Deschanel) enters the scene, everything Sheila has built is suddenly at risk. August 2

7. Saint Omer (Mubi)

French filmmaker Alice Diop’s critically acclaimed courtroom drama follows novelist Rama (Kayije Kagame) as she attends the trial of a young woman (Guslagie Malanda) who is accused of killing her 15-month-old daughter as research for her work. But, the more Rama—who is pregnant herself—learns about the case, the more uncertain she begins to feel about her own life and impending motherhood. August 4

6. The Big Nailed It Baking Challenge (Netflix)

Fans of food competition shows are familiar with the concept of the Nicole Byer–hosted Nailed It: home chefs are pitted against one another to tackle difficult baking challenges, often to disastrous results. This new iteration of the series creates more opportunities for success, with the amateur contestants receiving training from pros as they compete for a $100,000 prize. August 4

5. The Lincoln Lawyer, season two, part two (Netflix)

When the first half of the second season of this legal dramedy wrapped up, the titular Lincoln lawyer (spoilers ahead!) was attacked while investigating his latest murder case, causing him to end up in the hospital. Now, he must find a way to rebound—and come out on top in court. August 3

4. Heartstopper, season two (Netflix)

The second season of this tender coming-of-age series, which is inspired by Alice Oseman’s graphic novels of the same name, picks up not long after the first wrapped: Nick (Kit Connor) and Charlie (Joe Locke) are officially together. While their friends know about their relationship, Nick has yet to come out to anyone else, leaving the pair to navigate what that means for them as a couple. August 3

3. Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty, season two (Crave)

This real-life-inspired drama continues to explore how the 1980s Los Angeles Lakers became one of the greatest sports dynasties in history. Season two takes place between 1980 and 1984 and follows the long-awaited rematch of a couple of the era’s greatest NBA stars: Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. John C. Reilly, Quincy Isaiah, Adrien Brody, Jason Clarke, Gaby Hoffmann, Solomon Hughes, Molly Gordon and others star. August 6

2. The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart (Prime Video)

Adapted from Holly Ringland’s novel of the same name, this emotional Australian miniseries follows Alice—who loses her parents in a tragic fire when she is nine years old—as she goes to live with the grandmother she’s never known. The series traces her journey through adulthood as Alice figures out how to build a life for herself. Sigourney Weaver, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Asher Keddie and Leah Purcell star. August 4

1. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (Disney Plus)

The third film in this Marvel franchise is also the final part of the James Gunn–directed trilogy. This instalment, which debuted in theatres earlier this spring, follows the titular space-traveling Guardians as they embark on a quest to protect one of their own—while also saving the universe, of course. August 2



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