Everyone’s taking selfies with Sting in Toronto

Everyone’s taking selfies with Sting in Toronto

Sting has been hanging around town for The Last Ship, the Tony-nominated musical he wrote, composed and stars in at the Princess of Wales Theatre until the end of the month. Naturally, he’s been stopped around the city by selfie-enthused fans (and he’s been pretty generous on the photo-op front). Here are a few of our favourite sightings.

The man himself posted a nostalgic photo in front of the Horseshoe Tavern, where The Police played in the 1970s:

He’s often spotted on his way to and from the Princess of Wales theatre. This fan really nailed the close-up shot:

This woman doesn’t ever want to let him go:

It looks like Toronto converted him into a Raptors fan:


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New pals. Awesome having @theofficialsting in the building at last night’s @raptors game! #WeTheNorth

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This fan tried to get him to speak Spanish, but settled for “hi”:

His curfew is apparently midnight:

He stopped by Kinoya on King West for some sushi:

Toronto’s professional star stalker Will Wong got in on the action:

This super-fan has seen The Last Ship 23 times (and counting):

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‼️FANS FOR FANS‼️ We continue to publish stories and photos of our friends about meeting with Sting and his musicians. Today we have very special publication. Our friend and Great Sting’s fan Nicky Payne @nicky.payne went on a special trip from Scotland to Toronto to visit several performances of The Last Ship. Here is her magic story about meeting with Sting and cast: “Just back from a week in Toronto. This was a special big trip for me as I have a special big birthday in November this year. After seeing The Last Ship 18 times in the UK last year, I was so excited to be seeing it again AND with Sting as Jackie White! What an amazing present to have!  Toronto is a beautiful city with lovely welcoming people and plenty to do. The weather was freeeeeezing cold but we had all the proper clothing so it was all good There have been a few changes to the play since the UK run and there a few new actors or changes in roles too. It was lovely to see the familiar faces come on stage and then Jackie White appeared! I don't want to give away too much to those who haven't been, but the first song/hymn is just incredibly beautiful. The tears started right there and then for me! The Last Ship, Dead Man's Boots, When We Dance, All This Time……EVERY song just blew me away. The harmonies and power of these amazing people's voices are just goosebumpingly perfect! I was completely mesmorized and lost in the play and Sting was there in front of me on stage too! Just very surreal. I am now up to 23 times of seeing this beautiful masterpiece and I won't ever tire of it. I was very very lucky and got to meet Sting and the cast on this trip and they were just lovely. They all seemed to genuinely appreciate the support and that we had travelled to see them. I truly hope it comes back to the UK at some point. The Canadian audience did seem to 'get it' and enjoy it too which was great to hear. Fair winds and following seas folks.” ‼️We are waiting for your stories, photos and videos. Share your love and joy with everyone‼️ #sting #thepolice #trudiestyler #rock #guitar #music #jazz #rockmusic #rockstar #history #rockhistory #memories #stingdigest

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Only a real trooper would sign autographs in this weather:

This woman managed to stop him in the middle of a snowstorm:

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‼️FANS FOR FANS‼️ We continue to publish stories and photos of our friends about meeting with Sting and his musicians. Today, my morning began with an incredible message from Larisa Roiberg @larisadreamgirl Her gorgeous photos and the incredible story of meeting with Sting deprived me of sleep remnants. I immediately imagined how a small, frail woman, not afraid of the cold, wind and snow, stands at the entrance to the theater to say kind words to the actors and Sting. And she does it! So that you can, like me, enjoy all the photos sent to me by Larisa, I post them in several posts. Part 1. Her story: “From today The Last Ship. Snowstorm did not stop people to come and see. Show was almost sold out. Here are few photos and My story! Snowstorm and crazy construction at the stage door did not stop Sting from walking. I did not want to bother him with small talk as snow is coming dowrn so I just said hi Sting how are you. He said great and you. And I asked do you mind taking a photo with me and he said sure. No one else was there so selfie will do for now. What an amazing day. I have no idea how they do it Actors who played Meg, Gideon, Eli, Peggy – we're actually crying during few scenes. Was so emotional. At the end got eye contact with Sting said thank you so much and he smiled back. Then as soon as show was over I went to stage door. "Gideon" came first and I told him I was upfront felt his emotions and was crying with him. He thank me and gave me a hug. Then "Davey" came out and same got a hug. There were about 8 people there. Sting comes out and says ok so what's now people. Everyone thank him etc. Photos. Then come to me l say thank you so much for incredible performance – can I give you a hug – Sting smiles and says in this weather everyone needs a hug. I am on a cloud 9!! ‼️We are waiting for your stories, photos and videos. Share your love and joy with everyone‼️ #sting #thepolice #trudiestyler #rock #guitar #music #jazz #rockmusic #rockstar #history #rockhistory #memories #stingdigest

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In true Canadian fashion, he also went to a Leafs game. Now he has another jersey to add to the collection:

His seatmates snapped a photo. (Is that a wink, Sting?):

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Some of you guys told us "imagine being that kid behind @theofficialsting" (during NHL game leafs vs sabres). Well, we got more info about him. These photos shared by the kid's Dad (@uniquestorefixtures). What's so awesome that he saw The Last Ship the night before! And of course he let Sting know about that ? . They also got Sting signed their tickets to the NHL game, and of course this photo ? they said that Sting was very down to earth ?? . How lucky! May this become an unforgettable memory for both of them ? . Oh, hey! Check out photos from The Last Ship press night after party on my instastory ?? . P.S. don't forget! Tonight @andysummersmusic will attend Miami Photo Fest at 7.30-10.00pm with Ralph Gibson . #thepolice #sting #stewartcopeland #andysummers #band #music #70s #80s #shaggy #justonelifetime #fiat #barcelona #abarth124 #44876 #mysongstour #mysongs #thelastship #toronto #lastshipmusical #leafs #sabres #scotiabankarena

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Here he is at intermission:

Apparently he’s a good sport when it comes to fan photos: