Five Things We Loved About The Mandalorian—And Want to See More of in Season 2

Five Things We Loved About The Mandalorian—And Want to See More of in Season 2

The Disney+ hit returns on Oct. 30. If you haven’t tuned in yet, there’s still time to catch up.

The Mandalorian was an instant hit with critics and fans when it premiered last year. Here are some of the things we loved about it—and want to see more of—when Season 2 premiers on Oct. 30, exclusively on Disney+.

The Child

We won’t pretend the main reason we want to see more of the Child isn’t because he’s adorable. But he’s also one of the show’s most intriguing mysteries, thanks in no small part to his Force abilities. Where did he come from? And why exactly do so many people want to capture him?

The Mandalorians

Obviously we want to see more of the Mandalorian (Mando to his friends)—it’s his show, after all. But Season 1 gave us a lot of backstory about the Mandalorian order, and so far they’ve proved to be one of the most interesting and complex groups in the galaxy.

Moff Gideon

Moff Gideon, the client behind the Client, didn’t show up until late in Season 1, so he left us wanting more by default. Plus, he’s played by Giancarlo Esposito, an actor who excels at creating intriguing bad guys. Gideon is clever, formidable —and he really wants the Child.

Mando and the Child’s bond

Although Mando initially turned the Child over to the Client, he quickly proved to be a man of great empathy, endangering his own life to save the Child’s. From what we’ve seen so far, the Child feels equally protective of Mando.

Connections to the original trilogy

Season 1 of The Mandalorian was filled with fun Easter egg references to many aspects of Star Wars storytelling, and we hope Season 2 will give us more.


Season 2 of The Mandalorian premieres on Oct. 30, exclusively on Disney+.

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