Casey Affleck is turning Ben’s hair grey, but brothers will team up for new script

Casey Affleck is turning Ben’s hair grey, but brothers will team up for new script

The cast of Ben Affleck’s crime drama The Town showed early signs of TIFF fatigue at a junket press conference Friday afternoon. The Hurt Locker’s Oscar-nominee Jeremy Renner rocked back and forth in his chair, his arm resting behind co-star Blake Lively, as they fielded questions for nearly an hour. The pressing matter of the day: Affleck’s grey-speckled tresses. “I didn’t have a single grey hair until I started directing movies,” the 38-year-old said. “Directing movies gives you grey hair. And my brother. My brother gives me grey hair.”

The younger Affleck, Casey, who talked Ben into casting Renner as his violent bank robber bestie in the Boston-set heist flick, also has a film at TIFF, his controversial doc I’m Not Here, about his brother-in-law Joaquin Phoenix’s dubious transition from acting to hip-hop.

“I can’t comment one way or the other on the specifics of it,” Affleck says when asked about rumours the doc is a hoax. “But what I can say is I think it is a really interesting film with a lot to say about something that’s happening right now… It leads you towards some questions that merit asking.” Ben’s confidence in Casey is strong enough that the Affleck brothers plan to write a script together soon. “Look for more grey hair!” Ben says. Oh, we will!


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