Canada’s Got Talent, episode 3: a 16-year-old Mariah Carey and an awkward Dina Pugliese

Canada’s Got Talent, episode 3: a 16-year-old Mariah Carey and an awkward Dina Pugliese

Canada’s Got Talent, Episode 3

The Canada’s Got Talent team continues the auditions in Vancouver this week, and with three episodes out of the way, we’re starting to get a better sense of the judges’ personalities: Martin Short has taken on the resident nice-guy role, saying yes to contestants Measha Brueggergosman and Stephan Moccio have booted out; Moccio, famous for co-writing the 2010 Vancouver Olympics theme song “I Believe,” manages to reference that song twice in this episode; and Brueggergosman, swathed in a top consisting of layers of hot pink silk, offers up some much needed sass, telling one contestant she looks like she “got lost on her way to her babysitting gig.” Host Dina Pugliese tries hard to seem fun, but we still cringed when she did an air guitar routine with a broom and insisted on dancing with many of the contestants. Here, our picks for this week’s winners and losers.

Groovement, a dance troupe that originally formed from two crews, gets our ick factor up when one of its members insists, “We just want to make the world dance.” But their frenetic hip-hop-style routine is one of the best we’ve seen so far (though watching Moccio kinda, sorta, crump was beyond uncomfortable), and we’re hoping they end all routines with “You just got served.” Perhaps they’re saving that for sweeps.

Captain Canada, also known as Artie the Jester, wears a Canadian-flag cape and flippers, and kazoos the national anthem while doing a headstand. He’s beyond annoying.

West Coast Lumberjacks: we love a plaid shirt, especially when the man in the shirt is hurling axes at tree trunks and deftly wielding a chainsaw.

Brent Ray Fraser claims to be an artist, but it’s a front for a strip show. He comes out on stage in a shirt, tie and deer head mask, paints a wall-mounted deer’s lips fire-engine red, and proceeds to strip to (ugh) LMFAO’s “I’m Sexy and I Know It.” We’re sure he’s just stripping to pay his way through art school.

Thirteen-year-old Cameron Snee, who says he’s bullied at school, is probably the most endearing character we’ve seen thus far. His haunting rendition of “Danny Boy” (during which, at least to our tone-deaf ears, he hits that high note perfectly) ensures a next-round spot.

Aidan “Sin” Pringle and Travis “Ladies’ Choice” Watters had Brueggergosman sold (she loves “the dramatic medium of wrestling”), but their brutish wrestling left much to be desired. Where’s the story? Why are you hitting the other over the head with a lunchroom tray? On the plus side, the spectacle sends Watters’ pink and purple boa feathers flying everywhere in a colourful display.

Sixteen-year-old Jessica Zraly sings a version of “At Last” that would make Etta James (RIP, girl) proud. The young singer performs a vocal run akin to Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera, but she needs do the whole act: one hand up to her ear, the other with fingers waving proudly as she hits those high notes.