Canada’s Got Talent, episode 4: Austin Powers, high-fives and yes, more hula hoops

Canada’s Got Talent, episode 4: Austin Powers, high-fives and yes, more hula hoops

Canada’s Got Talent, Episode 4

In the second episode of Canada’s Got Talent this week, the team touches down in Winnipeg. In the whirlwind of activity, poor Stephan Moccio is sick, but he still runs down the aisle high-fiving the audience (let’s hope everyone brought their Purell). Measha Brueggergosman wears her craziest outfit yet—a red top with leather, zippers and black floral details on the arms. And Martin Short’s ego continues to grow with every episode: this time, he jokes about the room going crazy for him and the fans he has waiting in the parking lot. See, he’s up there with Justin Bieber, Ryan Gosling and Drake (only he’s actually not—not even close). Here, our winners and losers from the Peg (and where we disagree with the judges).

Emilio Fina is an unassuming ground controller working for a Canadian airline. He’s also one heck of a tenor, and belts out an opera song that brings the house down (Brueggergosman, the expert in the field, is wary of his pitch, but she still gives him a pass to the next round).

There’s a whole string of comedians, and they’re all terrible. The worst of the bunch (who luckily doesn’t get much screen time) is an Austin Powers impersonator who, apparently, has found a time machine that took him back to 1999 when that joke might have been funny.

Klondike Kate a.k.a Deborah Lauren is a real firecracker. Wearing a cocktail dress with pink poufy sleeves, she performs an admittedly lame version of “Won’t You Come Home, Bill Bailey.” But we think her hilarious personality and banter should have pushed her into the next round. The judges didn’t agree.

Kelly Devoe is a singer of some sort. Judging from his oversized orange-tinted sunglasses, white blazer and ripped jeans, we’re guessing he has a day job impersonating Bono.

Christina Munchinsky, a 14-year-old hula hooper—they are truly the breakout trend this season—puts all previous hoopers to shame, managing to shimmy with a whopping 50 at a time. Wow!

We want to see more of Cindy Massey’s truly terrifying stare, as she sings, or rather shouts, “School’s Out for Summer.” But our desire is born out of a perverse fascination more than an appreciation of any actual talent (she doesn’t have any). Too bad we won’t get the chance.

Filipino dance troupe Kayumanggi wowed with a dance inspired by the Muslim culture of the Phillipines, complete with bamboo sticks clacking against one another (called tinikling). Their colourful costumes and positive attitude were just icing on the cake.