Canada’s Got Talent, episode 14: Caitlin better than farting dog

Canada’s Got Talent, episode 14: Caitlin better than farting dog

Host Dina Pugliese, Shale Wagman and Emilio Fina (Images: Canada’s Got Talent)

Canada’s Got Talent, Episode 14

Yesterday, we said we didn’t expect any surprises at last night’s Canada’s Got Talent results show, but boy were we wrong. Amidst the time wasting we’ve come to expect from a results show (this week, there’s a six-minute web correspondent introduction and a short highlight reel of the best of the worst), there were some genuine shocks, including Stephan Moccio’s absent indoor scarf (he has been reading!).

When Craz-E-Crew Stunt Team, Oneblood and Nathan Knowles are called up on stage together, it seems painfully obvious who will be going home. In past results shows, one winner is revealed after the first commercial break and one after the second or third, but last night, Craz-E-Crew, Oneblood and Knowles are all sent packing in the first segment. (We were genuinely surprised!) The final eliminations segment has Shale Wagman, Caitlin Bell, Brat Pack and Emilio Fina sharing the stage, and no-better-than-a-dog-farting-on-YouTube Caitlin Bell goes home first (unfortunately, her fan with a sign that reads “Caitlin better than farting dog” is not enough to keep her around). Bell stands frozen on stage as the judges announce the fan favourite (we’re not sure if Bell sticking around is intentional, but it feels like the Miss American pageant), which turns out to be the incredibly talented Wagman. The judges then cast their votes between Brat Pack and Fina—we’ve liked Fina since his Toronto audition—and judge Martin Short makes the tie-breaking decision to keep Fina around for a while longer.

We inch slowly closer to the finals every week, but what did you think of last night’s episode?

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