Armageddon Time with Anne Hathaway and Jeremy Strong—plus everything else we’re excited to watch this week

Here are our 10 most anticipated titles debuting on Prime Video, Disney Plus, Paramount Plus, Crave and Netflix

By Patricia Karounos
Armageddon Time with Anne Hathaway and Jeremy Strong—plus everything else we're excited to watch this week
Banks Repeta and Anthony Hopkins in Armageddon Time on Crave

Making its streaming debut this week is filmmaker James Gray’s Armageddon Time, which stars Jeremy Strong, Anne Hathaway and Anthony Hopkins in a coming-of-age story inspired by Gray’s childhood in Queens. Meanwhile, the Dracula comedy-horror flick Renfield, which stars Nicolas Cage and Nicholas Hoult, finds the iconic vampire in the present day and his long-suffering assistant attempting to leave him. Then there’s YA-mystery-thriller Harlan Coben’s Shelter, based on the prolific writer’s bestselling novels about a group of crime-solving teens. Here are our most anticipated titles streaming on Prime Video, Disney Plus, Paramount Plus, Crave and Netflix this week.

10. Three Mothers, Two Babies and a Scandal (Prime Video)


Back in the late ’90s, a Welsh couple paid $12,000 to adopt baby twins from the US. This three-part documentary explores the chain of events they set off in doing so, which culminated in a global outrage considered to be the first scandal of the internet age. August 16

9. Miguel Wants to Fight (Disney Plus)

In this coming-of-age comedy, Miguel (Tyler Dean Flores) lives in a neighbourhood where fighting is common, but he’s never been in a fight himself. Now set to move to a new city, the 17-year-old enlists his friends to train him so he can get into his first fight and leave his mark on the community before he leaves. August 16

8. Assassin Club (Paramount Plus)

Henry Golding stars in this action flick as an assassin on his final mission: killing seven people around the world. The catch is that they all happen to be assassins themselves—and they’re trying to kill him. Noomi Rapace, Daniela Melchior and Sam Neill also star. Now streaming

7. Living (Crave)

This British drama earned star Bill Nighy an Oscar nomination for his turn as civil servant Rodney Williams. Penned by acclaimed writer Kazuo Ishiguro and adapted from Akira Kurosawa’s 1952 film Ikiru, the movie follows Rodney as he receives a devastating medical diagnosis that prompts him to turn his life around, search for purpose and craft a meaningful legacy in the time he has left. August 18

6. Moving On (Prime Video)

When their beloved friend dies, two estranged women come together to enact revenge against her widower for wrongs he committed years ago. Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Malcolm McDowell and Richard Roundtree star. Now streaming

5. Framing Agnes (Crave)

This Canadian film from director Chase Joynt artfully fuses fiction and non-fiction. Inspired by case files from a 1960s UCLA gender clinic, the movie examines the story of Agnes (a pseudonym), a trans woman who participated in the clinic and became a figurehead in trans history. A cast of trans actors comes together to reenact moments from the files, bringing new life to groundbreaking stories of gender-affirming health care while taking a look at Agnes’s life beyond her trailblazer status. Now streaming

4. The Upshaws, part four (Netflix)

The latest batch of episodes of this sitcom—which follows a Black working-class family in Indianapolis and was co-created by Wanda Sykes—picks up not long after the events of the third season, in which matriarch Regina (Kim Fields) is taking time away from her loved ones to receive treatment for depression. The family must come together to support Regina while also facing life’s other obstacles and surprises. August 17

3. Renfield (Prime Video)

Nicolas Cage and Nicholas Hoult star in this comedy-horror film as Dracula and his long-suffering assistant, Renfield. The movie places Renfield in the present day, finally sick of putting up with Dracula’s narcissism and evil bidding, and follows the immortal man as he fights to break free from the vampire’s control. August 17

2. Harlan Coben’s Shelter (Prime Video)

Inspired by Harlan Coben’s bestselling mystery novels, this YA thriller follows a teen boy named Mickey (Jaden Michael) who moves to New Jersey after his father’s death. When a student at his school goes missing, sending shockwaves through the quiet community, Mickey and his friends band together to solve the case—and uncover more secrets than they expected to find. August 18

1. Armageddon Time (Crave)

Filmmaker James Gray (The Lost City of Z, Ad Astra) looked to his own childhood memories in 1980s Queens to craft this coming-of-age film. The drama follows a Jewish American family chasing the American dream during a time of heightened inequality and prejudice. Jeremy Strong, Anne Hathaway and Anthony Hopkins star. August 18


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