Year in Review: our favourite culture stories of 2012

Year in Review: our favourite culture stories of 2012

As we approach the cultural dry spell that lingers in the wake of the big holiday shows, it’s good to be reminded of just how much interesting art, music, theatre, film and dance goes on in this city. Below, we look back at some of our favourite moments in culture and entertainment from the last year.

Something Borrowed
In our January issue, Leah McLaren explored the case of three prominent Chinese-Canadian writers who launched a $10-million plagiarism suit against novelist Ling Zhang.

Puppet Love
In our February issue, Emily Laudau argued that in an era of stage shows that spend millions to make witches and superheroes fly, War Horse’s puppets win by flaunting their artificiality.

Some Like It Hot
In our April issue, Nathan Whitlock took a look at the documentary boom that led to Hot Docs taking over The Bloor Cinema.

Unreal City
In our July issue, Jason McBride argued that Sarah Polley succeeded in turning Toronto into a brightly coloured urban fantasy in Take This Waltz—but failed to craft an equally beguiling story.

Glitter Boy
In our August issue, Alexandra Molotkow profiled Diamond Rings, an androgynous electro-pop singer with an indie rock past—and a supernatural talent for catchy songs.

Minute Man
In our September issue, Sue Carter Flinn wrote about the mesmerizing effect of Christian Marclay’s cinemantic mashup masterpiece, The Clock.

Best of Fall
Our big annual preview of the bounty of the fall culture season included mini-tributes to Alice Munro (“Long Live the Queen”), Louis CK (“Gag Reflex”) and Guillaume Côté (“Dancing As Fast As He Can”).

The Collector
Also in our October issue, Leah McLaren profiled Ash Prakash, the reclusive art collector renowned for his connections, his discretion, and his secret stash of multi-million-dollar masterpieces.

TIFF 2012
And, of course, who could forget Toronto’s annual orgy of celeb spotting, impossible-to-get-into parties and, oh right, scores of films? Take a look back at the fest’s best-dressed stars, top celeb quotes, the cult of Kristen Stewart and our five favourite moments.