TIFF Roundup: what the stars had to say about Toronto, its fest—and its hot dogs

TIFF Roundup: what the stars had to say about Toronto, its fest—and its hot dogs

While in Toronto, Bill Murray weighed in on the city’s hot dogs (Image: Eric Charbonneau/WireImage/Getty Images)

Now that the red carpets, press conferences and, of course, parties have all wrapped up, it’s time to take stock of how things went down at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival. And what better way to start than to see what kind of impression the festival made on the various visitors who flooded the streets of King West for 10 days? Below, some of our favourite reactions to TIFF, Toronto and its hotdogs.

Festival Chatter

• Roger Ebert: “Success at Toronto has an uncanny way of predicting Academy winners.” [Chicago Sun-Times]

• Tom Hanks: “This is one of the great festivals in the world now.” [Toronto Star]

• Halle Berry: “I love being here. I think this is an amazing festival.” [Toronto Star]

• Joshua Jackson: “To have our film here means that we’re putting our film on the same level as the best films in the world, so that feels pretty good.” [Globe and Mail]

Backhanded Compliment?

• Joseph Gordon-Levitt: “This is a festival that’s full of cinephiles. It doesn’t have the air of glitz and glamour as much, and I really like that about it. It’s more about the films.” [Toronto Star]

Vanity Fair’s Julie Miller: “The downtown area was eerily clean and seemingly devoid of traffic-slowing obstacles.” [Vanity Fair]

Checking Toronto’s Ego

• Andy Samberg: “I’m on the fence about Canada.” [Jpags]

• Tom Hanks: “If I truly had power, I’d be water-skiing right now.” [Torontolife.com]

Bill Murray-ist Take on the Toronto-Chicago Relationship

Bill Murray: “The unique things about the Chicago dog are sliced tomatoes and celery salt. But we’re still there with the pickles, and the grilling’s okay. We’ve got a lot more in common [with Toronto-style hotdogs] than you think.” [CTV]