What Toronto Twitter had to say about last night’s ridiculous presidential debate

Anyone looking to see some spirited competition between well-matched rivals last night should have watched the Blue Jays game. Instead, many Canadians tuned in to the first presidential debate between Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and (this will never not sound absurd) Republican nominee Donald Trump. As the pair squared off in front of a drowsy moderator, here’s what Toronto Twitter was saying.

Is Trump supposed to be Ugly Naked Guy in this analogy?

In any case, the bar for the Republican candidate’s performance was set about ankle-high.


Things got off to a slow start:

But quickly entered familiar territory:

Trump discussed Mexico’s tremendous “plants”:

And talked about real estate:

And his tremendous wealth. Absolutely massive:


Mostly, though, Trump was incoherent:

And sniffly:

And discussions of serious issues…

….weren’t exactly satisfying:

Trump denied Clinton’s claim that he described climate change as a hoax, but…


...he did manage to say some things that were true:

Some things:

And whoa there, Secretary Clinton:

Moderator Lester Holt used a soft touch on the candidates:

And, of course, viewers witnessed a historic first last night: a swipe at Rosie O’Donnell during a presidential debate.


When things wrapped up, it was obvious who’d won:

Now somebody go check on the Star’s Daniel Dale:


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