Toronto has a wealth of lame loos, but a dearth of story ideas

Toronto has a wealth of lame loos, but a dearth of story ideas

(Image: Eric Schmuttenmaer)

In a story remarkably similar to one done by Citytv two weeks ago, the Toronto Sun spent 741 words last weekend discussing the fact that public toilets are—wait for it—gross. Both pieces start with reader submissions on where the city’s worst bathrooms are (apparently subway stations; Kennedy and Kipling are the worst offenders), followed by a list of where the cleanest washrooms are. Here is how each media outlet described Kipling station:

Citytv: “At the Kipling station, there was toilet paper all over the floor, and one stall in the women’s washroom didn’t lock.”

The Sun: “Of the three blue cubicles, one is locked and the other is flooded by a homicide’s worth of bloody toilet paper. It’s enough to make you gag.”

Kudos to the Sun for turning even this into a crime scene story.

As for washrooms that don’t look like a crime scene, the Sun suggests going to Bayview Village and Yorkdale Mall for brightly lit loos, or the Princess of Wales theatre or the nightclub This Is London. Citytv recommends going to hotel bathrooms. Basically, any washroom on private property that isn’t in the downtown core and sees a fraction of the traffic that subway stations do. After all, when nature calls, who wouldn’t want to travel to Bayview Village?

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