Those kooky Quaids are spending Christmas in Canada

Those kooky Quaids are spending Christmas in Canada

We’re happy to announce that the crazy Canadian exploits of Randy and Evi Quaid will continue into the holiday season. The pair made headlines last month when they sought asylum in Vancouver from “Hollywood star whackers” they claim are trying to kill them. It was announced on Tuesday that the hearing to decide Randy’s immigration case will be postponed until next month, which means the co-star of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation will be spending this Christmas in Canada.

Even though the Quaids are wanted on several charges in California, that doesn’t mean they should be avoiding the media spotlight, right? The two have made numerous statements to the press, continuing to claim that they are the next targets of a group of Hollywood lawyers and accountants they say also killed Heath Ledger and David Carradine. “It’s as if they think that actors come back to life,” Randy told reporters. “We don’t.”

They’ve also been gushing about how much they like Vancouver. Evi told the press they’ve been searching for land to purchase, and Randy says he’s looking forward to Christmas here (he’s hoping for snow).

So while they’re waiting to hear if Randy’s refugee status will be approved—it turns out Evi is a Canadian citizen—why not have a little fun? The couple appeared to be in good spirits during a recent appearance on This Hour Has 22 Minutes, in which Evi skates around an ice rink, wearing a Canada jersey and waving a Canadian flag, and Randy answers trivia questions about our true north strong and free. It’s…really weird. But then, that seems to be par for the course with this pair.

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