The List: 10 things Joy Fielding, the queen of genre fiction, can’t live without

The List: 10 things Joy Fielding, the queen of genre fiction, can’t live without

The List: Joy Fielding

The List: Joy Fielding

1 | My mental stimulants
I start every day with a coffee and a Sudoku. I’m not good at actual math, but for some reason I’m really good at math puzzles. I also like crosswords, acrostics, really any kind of brain tease—but not the cryptic crosswords. I don’t understand those.

2 | My Porsche
I’ve never cared much about cars, but I saw a Porsche Panamera on the street last year and I was smitten. I had to have one. I’m terrified of it. It feels like you’re in the cockpit of a plane—only I have baby seats for my grandkids in the back.

3 | My lady head vases
The List: Joy FieldingA friend used to drag me to flea markets, which are really boring. I figured collecting these kitsch ceramic vases would give me something to do. I have hundreds now. I even subscribed to the lady head vase collectors’ newsletter for a while, until I realized that was nuts.

4 | My sexy ­underwear
The List: Joy FieldingI’ve always had an appreciation for pretty, lacy undergarments. It makes me feel good knowing that I look nice without my clothes on—or at least not horrible.

5 | My golf clubs
I was reluctant to take up golf, because I always thought it was something old people did. I’ve completely come around to it. I’m a mediocre golfer—a 24 handicap. Sometimes I get very frustrated. I used to throw my clubs after a bad tee-off, but I’m trying to curb that.

6 | My vintage brooches
The List: Joy FieldingMy father sold costume jewellery, but I never appreciated it when he was alive. Now, my friend Carol ­Tanenbaum sells costume jewellery, and with her help I’ve amassed a
nice collection.

7 | My sugar fix
This past summer I ate a blueberry bun from Harbord Bakery every morning. I think I gained five pounds. Luckily they stopped making them in the fall—although now I’m back onto sour jujubes, which I buy in bulk from Longo’s.The List: Joy Fielding

8 | My daughter’s CD
A couple of years ago, my daughter Shannon recorded an album of original songs in Nashville. I listen to it all the time.

9 | My Uggs
Articles about me always mention my slippers. I never used to think anything of it, but I’m always wearing them. It’s funny: I have all these wonderful high heels that I buy because they look great, but I can’t walk
in them.

10 | My guardian angel
The List: Joy Fielding I have an unusually large fan base in Slovakia. Hundreds of people show up at my book signings. And they come with gifts, like this ­guardian angel. I’m not religious—but I would like to believe in something. So if there are guardian angels out there, I’d be thrilled. I keep this one by my bed, hoping she’ll do a good job.

(Images: Liam Mogan)