Five tips to help empower Torontonians all summer long

Five tips to help empower Torontonians all summer long

Discover how content creator Jaclyn Forbes is levelling up her plans with smart tech that offers peace of mind

From the lively city streets and patios to the scenic waterfront parks and fairgrounds, summer is in full swing, brimming with exciting things to see and do. Like most Torontonians, social media influencer and content creator Jaclyn Forbes is eager to bask in the sun, enthusiastically planning her concert and music festival lineup, laissez-faire beach days and patio hangs with friends.

There are always spontaneous last-minute excursions to consider, too—late-night bites, impromptu brunches, road trips to the cottage—because, as Canadians, we understand that warm weather doesn’t last forever. “That’s what I love about summer: it feels like there’s so much opportunity for possibility and fun,” says Forbes.

But while you’re out and about, it’s important keep your personal safety top of mind. Forbes offers five key tips to help ensure peace of mind all summer long. 

Experience now, post later

It’s more important than ever to be conscious of what you post on social media. Forbes is particularly wary, living independently in a busy city like Toronto and sharing her activities online as a content creator. “I try to be as mindful as possible, both with what I share publicly and how I live my everyday life,” she says.

It may seem like a no-brainer, but posting where you’ll be ahead of time is never a good idea. “My friends jokingly say that I’m the queen of delayed posts,” she says. “If you’re watching me seemingly live my best life on Instagram, it’s almost always safe to assume that I’m posting it days later.”

Consider a personal security device 

While you’re on the go, you may find yourself in need of support, and even if you don’t, it’s empowering to know help is there when you require it. “Having a personal security device like TELUS SmartWear Security is a great way for me to stay connected and in control if I’m ever in an uncomfortable situation,” says Forbes.

Discreet, stylish and convenient, TELUS SmartWear Security devices—disguised as necklaces, bracelets and keychains—are equipped with a hidden button that, when double-clicked, can instantly text your location to up to five emergency contacts or connect you with TELUS’ monitoring team, who can contact emergency services if needed.

“I think of it as an extra security blanket to all the precautions I already take,” she says. “You can wear it every day, there’s no charging necessary, and it’s ready for me to use should I ever need it. It truly gives me one less thing to worry about.”

TELUS SmartWear Security provides her the comfort and peace of mind to live life to the fullest, and adopting the devices into her wardrobe is virtually effortless. “I have the keychain, which is so easy to attach to my keys. That way, I always have it on me,” she says. “You would never know what it is, but it’s a super convenient addition to my everyday essentials.”

Travel with a buddy

Bring a friend along if you’re walking, biking or hiking in a secluded area or at night, and have your TELUS SmartWear Security device handy. “Keeping a TELUS SmartWear Security device on me at all times is a simple way to feel that much more empowered and in control of my own safety,” says Forbes.

Put down the headphones

Being cautious on busy streets and sidewalks requires your undivided attention. That playlist or podcast may be intriguing, but it can distract you from being fully aware of your surroundings. Noise-cancelling headphones can block out important warning signals like a bike bell or car horn.

Stay in contact

When a travel buddy isn’t an option, check in with a pal via phone or text if you’re feeling uneasy, and always let them know you got home safely after a night out. “Whether I’m in an Uber alone wanting some familiar company or walking a new route and feeling off, you’ll find me calling a friend,” says Forbes. “‘Trust your gut’ is a saying for a reason. It’s better to be safe than sorry.”

No matter where your summer adventures take you, feel empowered and have peace of mind with TELUS SmartWear Security.