Street Style: The most extravagant outfits from this weekend’s Greenwood Stakes

Street Style: The most extravagant outfits from this weekend’s Greenwood Stakes

The second annual Greenwood Stakes brought together socialites and style-setters from across the city for an afternoon of horse racing and over-the-top fashion (a.k.a. many extravagant hats). We asked some of the best-dressed attendees to tell us about their outfits.

Sebastian Styless, a 34-year-old stylist, Elnuk Styles, a 34-year-old fashion engineer and Bismark Adomako, a 30-year-old creative director

Bismarck: “Contrary to what you might think, we didn’t actually coordinate. Everything just sort of came together.”

Jannah Nur, a 28-year-old interior designer

“I wanted to wear something ethereal and drew inspiration from the Ascot Racecourse in the U.K. I collaborated with the Hugo Nicholson boutique on this outfit. It took almost a month to put it all together.”

Carlos Villanueva, a 28-year-old boxing trainer

“I wanted to dress like the star of a 1940’s mafia film, but with a modern twist.”

Jay Cheng, a 53-year-old hat maker

“My outfit is rockabilly with class.”

David Dunkley, a 45-year-old hat maker

“A client brought me a bunch of feathers that her pet macaw had shed and I decided to turn them into a hat.”

Natalie Beck, a 48-year-old veterinarian

“Green is my colour. Did you notice? The silk dress is a Ted Baker.”

Eric Doerr, a 27-year-old engineer

“I wanted something light and bright that someone might wear on a summer walk through a garden in France.”

Nicole Clement, a 29-year-old hairstylist

“Everything on my fascinator is from Value Village. A friend of mine gave me the idea to turn it into a crazy fashion collage.”

Olaf Obrecht, a 47-year-old Vancouver-based magazine publisher

“My outfit is bespoke by Surmesur and the shoes are from Spanish designer Andres Sendra. Purple has been my favourite colour for two years—I even painted my car purple.”

Omar Forrest, an actor

“I wanted to bend the gender roles a bit—plus, this fascinator is really pretty.”

Robbie Wighton, a 31-year-old marketing pro and musician

“My look is floral meets Peaky Blinders.”

Alek Ackerman, a 27-year-old brand manager

“The jacket is Paul Smith, my shirt is Versace couture, the pants are Tom Ford and my shoes are Todd’s. I wanted to go for a ‘summer sun in Tuscany’ look.”